Brooke Williams


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Brooke Williams has two gymnast daughters and strives to keep up with them by staying fit in her own ways. Since she isn't nearly as flexible, she enjoys kickboxing, running, and weight lifting to stay in shape. Brooke has been writing about fitness for longer than a decade, sharing tips and tricks for others.


  • Has published over a dozen novels
  • An avid kickboxer and runner
  • Fitness writer for the last 14 years


Prior to writing for Fit & Fab, Brooke was a blogger and content creator as well as a romantic comedy novelist. She has offered fitness tips and tricks to dozens of websites over her 14 years as a fitness writer.


Brooke graduated from Morningside College with a BA in mass communications and religious studies.

Expertise: Mass communications and religious studies

Education: Morningside College

Location: Sioux City, Iowa

Title: Writer

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