Three Powerhouse Protein Bars for Pre and Post-Workouts

a sweet bar made of whey protein next to a scoop of protein powder for sports nutrition.

Key Points

  • A healthy workout snack is light, nutritious, and digestion-friendly.

  • Quality protein bars contain a balance of carbohydrates and protein.

  • Skinny Jimmy, Mosh, and RXBAR protein bars boost workout performance and let you snack on-the-go.

Experimenting to find the right pre and post-workout snacks can be frustrating, especially if you’re a picky eater, have food allergies, or suffer from a sensitive stomach. Braving the gym is daunting enough, right?

From pre-workout shakes and fruit-filled bowls to protein bars, what’s the best option for you? The answer primarily depends on your fitness goals, workout intensity, metabolism, and the time between your snack and exercise session. 

However, one thing is true for all fitness queens: You need adequate fuel for your workouts! 

Healthy workout snacks keep you focused, strong, and successful. 

What Is a Healthy Workout Snack?

A healthy workout snack is light, nutritious, kind to your stomach, and contains a strategic balance of complex carbohydrates and protein. These key macronutrients maximize your energy during exercise, pushing you to go longer and harder at the gym.

Here’s a mantra worth remembering: Eat good, feel good, do good. While this saying applies to all aspects of life, it especially applies to your exercise habits. 

Whether you prefer to eat before or after a sweat sesh, healthy workout snacks regulate blood sugar levels, curb hunger, fuel your muscles, and optimize your physical performance. Yes — with the right food choices — you can thoroughly enjoy your workouts!

Check out these macro-minded snacks.

  • One whole banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter

  • One slice of whole-grain toast with scrambled egg whites

  • One cup of oatmeal topped with berries 

  • One rice cake with peanut butter, sliced bananas, cinnamon, and honey

  • A whey protein shake (drink about 5 to 10 grams an hour before exercise)

  • Vanilla Vegan Protein frozen yogurt (One of Forbes' Top Fitness Influencers and personal trainer Emily Skye loves whipping this recipe up with her adorable mini-me!)

Pro Tip: To avoid feeling lethargic or nauseous halfway through a session, avoid pre-workout snacks with excess refined sugars, saturated fats, and preservatives. 

Why Do People Love Protein Bars?

Are you always on the go? Do you constantly stress about your daily eating routine? As a portable and pre-packaged snack, protein bars are very convenient for women with busy schedules. Tuck a couple into your gym bag or purse, and you’re all set!

Protein bars are the holy grail of pre-workout snacks. Consuming a protein bar before a workout gives your body the necessary energy to power through the session. Bars contain carbohydrates and protein, providing you with immediate and sustained fuel. You train harder, feel less fatigued, and improve your endurance faster. 

Protein bars are also an excellent post-workout snack for women. Why? They help repair damaged muscles and expedite the recovery process. Protein bars' high amino acid levels facilitate muscle growth and healing, which is essential after a rigorous workout. Training is half the battle; mindful recovery is the crucial other half. 

With various ingredients available in different brands, you can choose protein bars that suit your dietary needs and preferences. From gluten-free and carb-conscious to low-calorie, clean protein bars below allow you to slay your diet and your workout routine.

Skinny Jimmy Protein Bar

Skinny Jimmy Protein Bars

Photo source: Amazon

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups fans, this one’s for you!

When you bite into a Skinny Jimmy protein bar, the crunchy texture and mouthwatering flavors are delightfully surprising. The chocolate-peanut buttery goodness takes over as you close your eyes and savor the taste. 

Indulge in a total Reese’s dupe — minus the guilt-ridden sugar coma.

Every bar contains natural, non-GMO ingredients, like whole nuts, seeds, and whey protein. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and preservatives! 

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, travel junkie, or just need a quick snack, Skinny Jimmy bars are a solid choice. After enjoying one of these tasty treats, you feel satisfied and energized for hours.

PSA: Skinny Jimmy bars are on the chewier side, so have some water nearby to wash them down. 

Price: $30 for a 24-pack

Calories Per Bar: Less than 100

Protein Per Bar: 6g

Amazon Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars with 227 total reviews

Mosh Protein Bar

Most Protein Bar Variety Pack

Photo source: Amazon

Tired of dense, chewy protein bars? You'll appreciate the light and airy texture of a Mosh protein bar. Each bar is packed with nutritious ingredients like nuts, seeds, and protein powder to keep you fueled for your busy day. 

Snacking on a Mosh bar lets you feel good from the inside out. They use only the highest quality, organic ingredients. Plus, they're gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Mosh bars come in a handful of delicious flavors, like chocolate raspberry, peanut butter chocolate, and blueberry almond crunch. With options that sound like straight-up desserts, how can you not order one in every flavor? 

Price: $25 for a 6-pack, $54 for a 15-pack

Calories Per Bar: 140

Protein Per Bar: 12g

Amazon Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars with 290 total reviews

RXBAR Protein Bar

RXBAR Protein Bar

Photo source: Amazon

Wondering why RXBARs have such a loyal following? Their delicious, all-natural ingredients and chewy texture make them a fan favorite. Each bar is loaded with healthy fats and clean protein to satisfy you throughout the day.

The ingredients list on an RXBAR protein bar is short and sweet. You know exactly what you're eating and — better yet — what you’re avoiding. No added sugars or preservatives here.

Even better? There's a flavor for everyone. Try pumpkin spice, mixed berry, chocolate sea salt, and more. Grab an RXBAR for a pre-workout snack, or stash a few in your gym bag for post-workout recovery. 

RXBARs are a tasty, convenient choice for any health-conscious individual. They can be found online or at most local grocery stores. 

Price: $18 for a 12-pack, $33 for a 24-pack, $57 for a 30-pack

Calories Per Bar: 210

Protein Per Bar: 12g

Amazon Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 11,000 total reviews

Protein Bars: The GOAT of Workout Snacks

Sports nutritionist Heidi Skolnick says that healthy workout snacks are “about making sure you’re well fueled to be able to meet the demands of whatever activity you’re doing and maintain intensity.” 

Nutrient-packed protein bars are fitness industry-approved because they sustain you during exercise and replenish your energy stores post-workout. On your hunt for the perfect workout snack, prioritize wholesome ingredients that match your dietary preferences and nutritional needs.

Whether you try a Skinny Jimmy, Mosh, RXBAR, or all of the above, protein bars are an excellent tool for achieving your fitness goals and falling in love with your workouts. 

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