8 Trendy Workout Clothes for Plus-Size Women

Young plus size woman doing plank workout on exercise mat at home in the morning.

Key Points

  • Women are unique, and plus-size women deserve to have stylish yet affordable workout clothes.

  • Consider your budget range, desired comfort level, and personal style before purchasing activewear online or in-store.

  • Many popular athletic brands offer trendy workout clothes for plus-size women.

Take it from 2023 Grammy-winning American rapper Lizzo, who proclaimed that working out as a plus-size person isn't about "escaping fatness." For her, fitness isn't about a number on a scale, but about embracing herself holistically: "Exercise has helped me shift my mind, not my body."

No two women are identical. And isn't the world a better place because of it? Women come in all shapes, sizes, heights, colors, and personalities. Every woman deserves to have workout clothes that fit well and give them confidence. 

If you're a plus-size woman, you may find it more difficult to find trendy workout clothes than other gym-goers. Nevertheless, there are plenty of workout clothes for plus-size women on the market — as long as you know where to look! 

What Matters Most to You?

Former Forbes staff member Jennifer Ford says, "Sometimes all it takes to motivate you to exercise is slipping into comfortable, well-fitting workout clothes (it doesn't hurt to have good at-home workout equipment, either). If your goal is to get moving, consider revamping your fitness wardrobe with activewear, you feel good in — and that covers an inclusive range of sizes."

When buying workout clothing, the most essential aspect of your purchase is the fit. If certain brands don't carry your size or the fit isn't ideal for your body type, look for more inclusive companies.

Plus size woman stretches on a yoga mat at home

Next, think about what's important to you, beyond sizing and fit, like your budget. If you're able to find a sports bra from two different brands that equal one another in fit and comfort, buy the less expensive item to save money. Name brand doesn't always equal better, so consider lesser-known companies that tailor fits exclusively for plus-size women.

Another note of importance is whether you can shop in person or not. It's easy to find anything online, but you may lose the option to try before you buy. In-store shopping gives you the freedom to check the fit, but only certain brands offer extended sizes in their brick-and-mortar stores. Consider online retailers that provide free exchanges or markets like Amazon that offer "Try Before You Buy" programs.

Lastly, you may like the idea of supporting a sustainable brand with ethical practices. This can be harder to find when searching for plus-size clothing, but not impossible!

The following brands have a wide range of trendy workout clothes for plus-size women


Plus-size women look and feel their best with Fabletics options. The brand offers trendy activewear pieces in sizes up to 4X. Get your sports bras, leggings, and tops to fit well and maintain your workout comfort.

Fabletics lines make you look good in the gym and are comfortable enough for lounging, running errands, and participating in everyday activities. You don't have to change after your gym workout as long as you aren't too sweaty. This plus-size workout gear is trendy for on-the-go women who value comfort and style.

Plus size woman does a plank during yoga session


Nike is the leader in activewear, so it only makes sense that the company provides workout clothes for active women of all sizes. Their plus-size workout clothes are functional and stylish. Find high-waisted leggings, sports bras, tops, shorts, and any other trendy plus-size activewear you need in sizes up to 2X.

Wearing Nike brings a sense of pride since the symbol stands for the Greek goddess of victory. Finding the "right fit" in Nike's plus-size fitness apparel infuses a sense of confidence in you. Are you able to try out that new exercise? Of course! Can you keep up with your friend on a lengthy run? Absolutely! Wear this plus-size athletic wear brand and let the confidence of the label seep into your bones.


Torrid carries plus-size activewear featuring clothing in sizes that start at 10 and go up to 30. Find plus-size gym clothes like graphic tees, colorful leggings, and coordinated workout sets in fun colors.

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, but plus-size sportswear brands are still new to the fashion market. If you want stylish plus-size workout clothes, Torrid makes the search simple. Whether you're ample on top or round at the bottom, finding plus-size gym clothes doesn't have to be a struggle on their website.

Plus size woman runs along trail


Athleta takes pride in being size-inclusive with a wide range of workout clothes in sizes up to 3X. Their fashionable plus-size activewear includes leggings, jackets, and sports bras. Women have to visit various stores looking for fashionable plus-size activewear without luck, but you find everything you want and need with this plus-size sportswear brand.

Athletic wear for curvy women works with the body rather than against it. Athleta wants you to be able to move however you want to move. Their pieces are versatile and meticulously crafted to fit any body type. Their plus-size workout gear is great for the gym, the park, or anywhere else you choose to move.

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is already famous for its plus-size clothing. Women who need larger sizes place this brand at the top of their go-to list as this plus-size clothing company carries sizes up to 38/40. Lane Bryant offers stylish plus-size workout clothes like leggings and sports bras. This specialty retail company pays attention to detail with its plus-size fitness apparel, making items moisture-wicking to ensure your comfort through any workout or even just on a hot day.

Plus size woman crouches down to pick-up medicine ball

Plus-size gym clothes don't have to be frumpy, out-of-date items. Instead, with the right brand, enjoy fashionable plus-size activewear. When prints are in, Lane Bryant features leggings with print options. If bright colors trend, find those choices in the plus-size sportswear brands in their stores.

Old Navy

Old Navy is an excellent place to buy jeans, but is plus-size athletic wear available? Yes, it most certainly is! Old Navy's activewear line includes plus sizes for tank tops, sports bras, and leggings, all with fun, bright prints that raise your confidence with each wear.

There are "regular" stores and "plus-size" stores, right? While that's true, some stores carry all sizes. It feels good for a woman to walk into any Old Navy and find workout clothes available up to a size 4X. It's good for your confidence and lets you pick the items everyone wears instead of different styles.

Beyond Yoga

Do you want to be cozy? Or is today an active day? Either way, enjoy trendy plus-size activewear from Beyond Yoga. This versatile brand has a wide range of activewear items in extended sizes. Find high-waisted leggings and comfortable tops to match. Sizes range from XXS to 4X, and all women — regardless of size — shop in the same location.

Plus size woman runs along sidewalk

Activewear itself is a big trend, and the Beyond Yoga brand understands that the pieces you buy work for yoga, running, and weight lifting, but also for lounging at home, cleaning, and running errands. The clothing bends and moves with you, no matter what activities you take on when you wear them.

Girlfriend Collective

It's nice to feel good about buying a piece of clothing. Not only because it fits right and gives you confidence about your body, but also because you know the brand has ethical practices. Girlfriend Collective uses recycled materials to make their sports bras and leggings, with sizes up to 4XL.

Reviews of the company show Girlfriend Collective uses a diverse range of models to showcase large-size options. This way, you can see how the clothes fit different body types for a more informed shopping experience.

This is one case where a brand truly practices what it preaches. The company's manufacturing is closely monitored for health and safety issues and constantly gets a "good" rating. The brand also creates clothing free from animal materials, so it has little to no impact on the animal kingdom as a whole. When looking for clothes that fit well and a company you want to support, consider Girlfriend Collective.

Plus size woman works out on yoga mat at home

Every Woman Is an Active Woman

What is a bikini body? A body that you put a bikini on! Women of all shapes and sizes are valuable. You are special! You are worth it! Embrace self-love by shopping at clothing stores specifically tailored to meet the needs of plus-size women.

Given the list above, you may find activewear options from several brands. Take a little time to look into the brands, their sizing, and their prices. Once you find brands that fit your shape, figure out what styles you enjoy and dress for gym success.

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