Printed Workout Leggings for Women: Add a Pop of Color to Your Gym Look

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Key Points

  • Leggings aren't just for Millennials — leggings are stylish and popular among celebrities and everyday women alike.

  • Since women's printed workout leggings come in every shape and size, it makes sense that they also vary in pattern.

  • Many name-brand legging companies carry varieties in their prints, colors, and materials.

You're wrong if you think you must wear haute couture gowns to look like a celeb. Celebrities like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Kelly Ripa, and others are stylish in their women's printed workout leggings! Printed workout leggings work on any body shape and are ideal for numerous occasions. Get fun prints to showcase your style while you run errands, work out at the gym, lounge at home, or attend casual gatherings.

Leggings are such a popular trend that finding prints, colors, and fit options is simple. Even revolutionary American singer and songwriter Lizzo has her own line of colorful leggings, and Yitty by Lizzo is available via Fabletics. What fits you may not fit everyone, so finding the right brand for your purposes is essential. You may want something affordable or something long-lasting. Perhaps you want lounge leggings or intend to use them for hard workouts. Whatever you want in and from your printed leggings, it's out there.

Here are a few fashionable legging brands to try.

Woman working out on beach with vibrant printed leggings.

Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tights

The Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tights includes versatile leggings with various fun prints. The Lululemon website has a 'We Made Too Much" section, offering deep discounts on unique print leggings.

The sweat-wicking fabrics on the leggings keep your comfort intact. Whether you're outside on a hot day, going for a run, or trying to run errands quickly, your skin remains dry and comfortable. The fabric's technology saps the sweat and moisture off your skin, allowing it to dry on the pants' exterior due to the ventilation.

Sweaty Betty Power 7/8 Workout Leggings

Photo source: Amazon

Sweaty Betty workout leggings have super stretchy fabric that easily forms your shape. The comfortable waistband allows you to bend and move in any direction needed for whatever workout you most enjoy. Sweat-wicking fabric is essential to a comfortable workout, and you have that and more in these printed workout leggings.

Whatever exercises you enjoy, Sweaty Better versatile legging options suit your movements. With sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, the options fit most women.

Alo Yoga High-Waist Airbrush Legging

Have you ever seen leggings that fit a woman's body so well, almost as if they airbrush onto her skin? That woman could be wearing Alo Yoga High-Waist Airbrush Leggings. These supportive-fit leggings come in a variety of prints.

When you plan to move, this brand is a good option with its high-rise waistband and soft fabric. The Alo Yoga website states that "mindful movement leads to better living," and the company wants women to be able to take comfort from the gym and into everyday life.

Beyond Yoga High-Waist Long Legging

Photo source: Amazon

If you want variety in a fashionable legging, try the supportive fit in the Beyond Yoga High Waist Long Legging. You may not be sure about how high-waist leggings work, but the comfortable waistband is everything you want it to be. With a higher waist, you spend less time pulling around on the leggings to keep them in place. They form to your body and tuck in bits you may feel usually stick out.

Check for side pocket leggings if you prefer the convenience of keeping your phone and keys nearby. Many prints and styles are available through this premium brand.

Zella Live In High-Waist Leggings

Looking for other high-waistband leggings with a supportive fit? Check out Zella Live in High Waist Leggings if you want unique print leggings you haven't seen with other searches. Don't worry about moving around too much, as the leggings fit like a glove and don't allow shaking as you work out.

With a seamless design, tummy compression, and shaping for the backside, women of any size look great in these fun prints.

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II

Photo source: Athleta

Side pocket leggings are some of the most efficient options, and Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II has that and more. Use the side pocket for your phone, keys, chapstick, or other small items. Slide a credit card into the pocket when you run errands or place your gym membership there while you run on the track.

The colorful prints with this brand allow you to match your vibe with versatile options.

What To Wear With Printed Leggings

Woman sitting in front of stone wall wearing hot pink tank and cosmic printed leggings.

Do you pull printed pants from your closet when you have a wild top? Probably not. A patterned top calls for plain leggings and printed leggings call for a plain top.

Love to Know health and beauty writer Crystal Schwanke says, "In most cases, a solid top or dress and a pair of casual shoes are all you need to pull together a look with printed leggings. In some cases, there may be a matching sports bra to wear with your workout leggings (with or without a loose top that will show glimpses of that fabric). Printed leggings are a wonderful way to show off your personality in casual settings. You may feel the urge to stock up in order to display different facets of your personality nearly every day of the week."

Try to match some of the colors in the leggings to the shirt you chose. Grab a pink T-shirt in the same tone if you wear pink leopard print leggings. Or, bring out another color in the leggings by wearing black or white.

Show Off Legging Style

Once you have an excellent printed legging and an ideal shirt to go with it, where are you able to wear the ensemble? That depends on your purpose and how comfortable you are in casual clothing.

Leggings are always acceptable, and even expected, at the gym or in any workout situation. You look stylish and on top of your day when you wear unique printed leggings with plain shirts to the gym. The leggings catch the eye, and you may even get compliments.

When you have a free day at home to clean out your closet, catch up on baking, or binge the latest show you have on your list, leggings are the perfect go-to item. They're comfortable, and you still answer the door without embarrassment over holey sweatpants.

Leggings work well for errands and other out-of-the-house activities. You don't have to dress up to hit the grocery store. Leggings are more mainstream than ever before.

It's even possible to get away with wearing leggings for certain office situations or casual gatherings. While you likely want to avoid wild prints, elegant colors and tiny patterns look great under a plain sweater or even a dress or skirt. The extra color looks nice and fits right into the office or your friend's gathering with the right shoes.

Finding the Right Prints

Woman wearing printed workout leggings jumping in front of gray wall.

Leggings are easy to find. All you have to do is visit any store selling pants, and they likely carry leggings. The hard part is finding leggings that fit your body perfectly, giving you variety in pattern and color options.

There's not a one-stop answer for every woman. Lululemon may perfectly fit your body, but your best friend swears by Sweaty Betty. Finding prints you appreciate is a trial-and-error search.

Look at it like digging through a thrift store rack and coming out with the perfect item for an upcoming occasion.

Search for leggings with unique prints online, check the stores that carry the brands you like, and keep an eye on friends. Ask them where they got the products you appreciate when you see them.

Once you know what leggings work well for your size and shape, it's only a matter of time before you find patterns a-plenty to suit your style, too.

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