10 Best Women’s Leggings for Every Body Type

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Key Points

  • Not all leggings are created equal — the best women's leggings complement any body type.

  • Different brands offer varied options in comfortable, affordable leggings.

  • Check reputable brands with reasonable prices and features if you want the best women's leggings.

You buy a cute pair of pants that claim to fit any woman's body. Once you put them on, you realize any body doesn't include your body. Every woman has been there! However, leggings are so trendy that more brands are attempting to fit as many women as possible, regardless of size or height. Many companies offer some of the best women's leggings for every body type!

Forbes contributor Becky Eaton says, "One might think yoga pants are all the same and the design doesn't really matter. They just need to be stretchy, right? In actuality, there are many factors to consider when it comes to the best yoga pants for women, from anti-microbial and moisture-wicking fabrics to a mid- or high-rise that suit different bodies and yoga types, to various compression levels."

Each brand offers something different. Figure out what you want and search for the brand that provides those options. Here are some brands with stylish women's leggings that suit various body types and sizes.

Lululemon Align Pant II

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Want comfortable leggings for women in a different color for every day of the week? The Lululemon Align Pant II features a high-waisted design that flatters any body type. The buttery soft fabric is the key to comfort in these stylish women's leggings.

High-waisted leggings aren't comfortable for everyone, but there are advantages to this waistline. The higher waist helps to smooth out your silhouette. It also prevents the pants from shifting, so you don't have to adjust them when you run, do yoga, or get groceries.

Sure, you could only wear them for yoga or any gym workout — but then, you don't want to take them off once you're done! These Lululemons become go-to pants for any occasion that calls for comfort.

Pro Tip: Looking for a cheaper alternative? Check out high waist yoga pants from Ewedoos. Looking for an affordable price plus name-brand security? Consider The Gym People.

Spanx Look at Me Now Leggings

The seamless design of the Spanx Look at Me Now Leggings smooths out any bumps on the lower half of your body. These workout leggings for women come in a wide range of sizes to fit any body type.

The Spanx brand wants women to look good and feel good. The company focuses on comfort and believes women are capable of anything. The plus-size leggings make women of any size feel fit, comfortable, and ready for anything.

Athleta Elation Leggings

It doesn't matter how you like to move, the comfortable waistband and stretchy fabric of the Athleta Elation Leggings make it possible. These affordable leggings for women fit like a glove and mold to the body to fit any woman's size and shape. Women want leggings for workouts and everyday wear.

American runner and TikTok personality Mrs. Space Cadet stands by Athleta leggings: "A lot of the time I just sleep in these, and then I roll out of bed, and I go to yoga."

Women enjoy leggings for lounging, errands, and even casual events. How you use your comfortable leggings for women is entirely up to you — and varies by the day!

Nike One Luxe Leggings

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Nike knows activewear. This brand's workout leggings for women move and breathe well while also flattering any body type. Nike One Luxe Leggings are made with soft, stretchy fabric that moves with your body for any activities requiring workout leggings for women.

One concern you have when buying new leggings is that people can see through them. Some legging fabrics are thin and don't stretch well. Anyone behind you at the gym knows what color your underwear is as soon as you start stretching. However, that's not the case with these fashionable leggings from Nike!

Old Navy High-Waisted Compression Leggings

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans from Old Navy? It's what the company is known for, but these High-Waisted Compression Leggings are just as good. These affordable leggings for women offer a comfortable compression fit, perfect for any size or body type.

Fashionable leggings for women come in regular and compression styles. The compression leggings support your muscles when you work out and absorb any strain you put on your body. They also increase blood flow and the way oxygen moves through your body.

Any time you break your muscles down during a workout, the repair process speeds up. If you struggle with painful varicose veins, compression leggings are a godsend.

Girlfriend Collective Compressive High-Rise Leggings

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You may use a metal water bottle instead of plastic bottles to help the environment. Have you ever thought about women's leggings brands doing their part to save the environment? This one does! The Girlfriend Collective creates compression leggings with recycled materials.

The leggings come in various sizes to suit any body type. They're also long-lasting and hold their shape well over time. If you want to help the environment in every way possible, consider regular or plus-size leggings from Girlfriend Collective.

Aerie OFFLINE High-Waisted Leggings

These leggings went viral on TikTok for a reason. The popular Aerie OFFLINE High-Waisted leggings give a trim look and come in extended sizes to fit any body type. The machine-washable leggings are easy to dry on a hanger or rack for another use. These super soft leggings maintain their shape and integrity over time.

Aerie Leggings usually fit true-to-size, so buy your regular size with confidence.

Beyond Yoga High-Waisted Midi Leggings

Photo source: Amazon

Do you want to lunge — or do you want to lounge? Do either or both with the Beyond Yoga High-Waisted Midi Leggings. The midi length offers coverage that flatters any body type. The high waist keeps things secure and in place throughout any activity.

Midi means different things depending on your height, but in general, any leggings two inches below the knees or any height above the ankle are midi. Petite women may find most midi leggings hitting them at the ankles, while this style is just below the knees of taller women.

Zella Live In High-Waisted Leggings

Zella Live In High-Waisted Leggings lives up to its name: You truly live in these leggings. Leggings for every body type have a high-waisted design and stretchy fabrics. The brand includes moisture-wicking properties to keep women comfortable and dry regardless of the activity they enjoy.

Moisture-wicking materials are important whether you're working out or simply outside on a hot day. This element allows any sweat or moisture to move from your body to the exterior of the leggings. Your sweat dries and keeps your skin comfortable. Materials with moisture-wicking properties feature capillary spaces to allow that phenomenon to occur.

Sweaty Betty Power Leggings

Woman wearing black set of Sweaty Betty workout bra and leggings.

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When you work out, you still want to look good. Sweaty Betty Power Leggings give you that sculpted look from waist to ankles. There's a size to suit any body type. Buyers say these leggings are the most versatile option on the market. They work well for any exercise, from running and spinning to HIIT.

Sweaty Betty's color and pattern options also create a stylish look for casual occasions. If you find a pair of leggings with a pattern you appreciate, pair it with a plain T-shirt in a solid color to bring out the primary color in the leggings. Shirts are often the focal point of style, but leggings take over when you wear them right.

Leggings Are the New Jeans

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Don't get discouraged after visiting one or two stores, trying on leggings, and not finding something perfect for your body type. There are options available. Pick yourself up and keep looking! Always check the sizing charts before purchasing any women's leggings. If possible, try them on.

These brands offer a variety of regular and plus-size leggings. They strive to create moisture-wicking materials that are comfortable and attractive. Since leggings are trendy, consumers want more from the products than ever before. Whatever you demand in your leggings, it's just a matter of time before you find it.

Try in-store options, or hit the internet. Check return policies to avoid any problems just in case you need a different fit.

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