Top Picks for Women’s Plus-Size Activewear

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Key Points

  • Women of all shapes and sizes deserve activewear that suits functionalities and comfort.

  • The top women's plus-size activewear comes from several different brands.

  • Feel included while forging ahead with your own sense of style through the best activewear options.

It's nice that women of all sizes search out activewear — and find what they need. All is right with the activewear world — finally. In fact, plus-size women have so many options it's hard to know which plus-size activewear brands are best. Never fear; help is here! The top women's plus-size activewear comes from brands you know and those you've never heard about before.

The Strategist writer Dominique Pariso says, "If you’ve been leaning hard into your at-home workout routine lately, you might have noticed that your favorite sports bra is stretched out or that you need more than two pairs of leggings now that you’re washing everything in your kitchen sink. While the options for plus-size activewear used to be somewhat limited, there has been a boon of stylish, size-inclusive brands in the last few years."

Isn't it nice to feel included? It's what every woman wants. Fitting in doesn't disappear once women graduate from grade school to high school and beyond. It's a life-long journey. Having high-quality plus-size athletic wear available to women of all shapes and sizes is an excellent place to start in making any woman feel included. Here are a few places to start hunting for stylish plus-size sportswear.

Plus size woman in fitness outfit smiling.


Nike is a brand you likely wore growing up. You still wear it today, as do kids, sports stars, and everyone else. Nike has high-quality, stylish sportswear, and the best news is that they also feature comfortable plus-size yoga clothes for women of any size.

Nike is the world's largest athletic apparel company, so it only makes sense that they have many sportswear items. Get sports bras, leggings, compression shorts, logo t-shirts, and their famous shoes. The wide range in sizing allows women of any shape and size to find just what they want for their active days.

As a brand that has been around for decades, with a well-known, recognizable name, women appreciate the quality that comes along with any Nike item. The company has been through trial and error, and they know what they are doing with trendy plus-size workout clothes. Nike items last longer than other brands, and their swoosh symbol gives them a sense of style.


Plus size woman wearing olive green fitness outfit.

Photo source: Athleta

The Athleta brand offers an extensive selection of women's plus-size fitness apparel. One of the best parts about options from this company is that they have different lines for various workouts and body types.

Do you want to take up running? Your size doesn't matter, as everyone has to start somewhere. Athleta has sports bras, leggings, and running shirts to help you start down the right path.

This brand carries some of the best plus-size workout clothes today. How did they get there? Athleta was formed in 1998 to provide activewear to women and girls from any background. With over 200 stores and a thriving online shop, women noticed that Athleta centers around inclusion. Notice their ads, filled with women of various sizes and races, and get on board with their confident encouragement.

Lane Bryant

Plus size woman wearing gray fitness top and printed leggings.

Photo source: Lane Bryant

You've likely shopped at Lane Bryant if you're a plus-sized woman. The stores and online shops focus on plus-size clothing, including affordable plus-size activewear. If you like trying things on before purchasing, visit a Lane Bryant store and check out the activewear racks. The stores also order things for you to try if they don't have options in their aisles. Alternatively, order things online and return them to the store if they don't work.

If you've purchased clothing items from Lane Bryant before, there's a sense of comfort in returning to that brand for plus-size yoga clothes or other affordable plus-size activewear options. You trust the brand since you appreciate other items you bought from them. There's nothing wrong with returning to something that works for you.


Torrid is one of the plus-size activewear brands that allow women that need larger sizes their sense of style. Many women don't want to wear the same old, tired options offered for plus-size women in most stores.

For that matter, plus-size women don't want to wear the same options as smaller-sized individuals. They want their own style. If that sounds like you, Torrid offers stylish plus-size sportswear for any sized woman.

There's nothing wrong with having trendy plus-size workout clothes, but you also need functionality in every item you purchase. You don't want the best-looking shorts if they aren't moisture-wicking to keep the sweat away from your skin. You don't want the perfect color or pattern in your sports bra if it doesn't give you the support you need.

Torrid combines the fashion elements you want with the functional elements you need.


Plus size woman wearing cheetah print fitness set.

Photo source: Fabletics

Style and comfort are essential, and Fabletics offers both in their high-quality plus-size athletic wear. Their mission is to create fashionable but high-performing, active-lifestyle products for every body out there. Their affordable pricing also makes them inclusive of various budget ranges.

Celebrities show you just how widespread and popular a brand has become. If you watch the magazines, you notice stars like Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens in Fabletics activewear. The menswear collection features funnyman Kevin Hart as its face.

It's natural to want to copycat people you look up to, and Fabletics allows women of any size to find similar items with their women's plus-size fitness apparel.

Old Navy

Smiling, freckly plus size woman wearing cosmic purple fitness set.

Photo source: Old Navy

Old Navy is another brand you trust because you've been in the store and have bought their items. Once you realize they also have comfortable plus-size gym clothes, you see them in a new light and dig into those options for your active lifestyle.

Old Navy sells jeans by the thousands. If you've purchased jeans there before, you know comfort is one of the keys to the brand. You also don't have to invest an arm and a leg in any option from this brand to get what you want at an affordable price. The same is true about activewear. This brand offers some of the best plus-size workout clothes for comfort and affordability.

Forever 21

As a plus-size woman, you may shy away from Forever 21. This brand includes small and extra-small sizes, right? That's not all they offer! They have an impressive selection of plus-size activewear with affordable prices and trendy designs.

When you walk by stores like Forever 21, which have a reputation for carrying smaller sizes, don't let that stop you from searching the racks. Find plus-size yoga clothes in styles you're not able to get just anywhere.


Target is a go-to store for many women, no matter what you need to find. Shop at Target for kids' clothes, houseware items, groceries, and even plus-size activewear options. Their choices are comfortable and stylish, and you quickly try things on and make returns since you are likely in and out of the store regularly.

Accessibility is huge. Your busy life doesn't always allow you to run all over town looking for the perfect sports bra or a new pair of leggings. There are Target stores all over your area and in the next city. They are easy to access and have many sizes of clothing items for any woman looking for what they need.

Superfit Hero

What woman doesn't want to feel like a superhero when she works out? Superfit Hero offers activewear items for women of any size with a dedicated plus-size line that includes various body shape options. Get items for certain workout types or everyday wear.

Superfit Hero makes finding the perfect size simple with their online size chart and calculator. You also get free shipping and returns in case something you buy doesn't pan out as you'd hoped.

Your Workout, Your Activewear

Empowered plus size women flexing in workout clothes.

How are you active? Consider different things when looking into comfortable plus-size gym clothes or sportswear. The weather, for example, is one such consideration. If you like to take hikes, you need something different for warm weather than you would need for the colder months.

As you move forward with activities you enjoy, remember that it's your workout and exercise routine. You also choose the plus-size activewear brands that work best for you, the styles you appreciate, the brands you trust, and the price point that fits your budget. Find what works for you.

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