Beyond the Gym: Versatile Women’s Athletic Wear for Every Occasion

Key Points

  • Women's athleisure wear became hugely popular in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Women typically wear attractive, stylish athleisure pieces for everyday activities outside the gym.

  • Popular brands include variety in style and inclusivity in sizing.

Are you the type of woman to lounge around the house in athleisure wear? If so, you're not alone! Women wear these items to the gym, the grocery store, and everywhere in between.

InStyle contributor and beauty and fashion specialist Anneke Knot says, "Since stay-at-home orders went into effect and donning yoga pants and messy buns during work meetings became socially acceptable, demand for comfortable, Zoom-appropriate attire soared. Your closet may be concealing one too many ghost trends of quarantines past — here's looking at you, tie-dye sweat sets, but activewear has evolved beyond typical track pants, racer-backed tanks, and yes, even matching sweatsuits. Instead, athleisure options have expanded to include everything from slacks to sweaters, and with normal activities (slowly but surely) returning, it's time to transition to more versatile, wear-anywhere pieces."

With attractive women's athleisure wear, getting comfortable is easier than ever. Companies recognize the benefits women appreciate and demand on the market.

Consider the following women's gym wear brands when looking for stylish workout clothes to wear beyond the gym.


Lululemon activewear designs began in Canada in 1998. The company creates stylish designs in high-quality activewear. The versatile pieces are ideal for yoga, running, training, and anything sweaty. However, those pieces transition seamlessly from the gym to everyday activities and wear.

Woman wears athleisure out to a restaurant

Where Have You Seen Lululemon?

Perhaps a better question is, "Where have you not seen Lululemon activewear designs?" If you know the brand well, you recognize it at soccer games with your kids, at the grocery store, in the neighborhood as people walk by, at the gym, and possibly even in the office. This brand has quickly transitioned from the gym to every outlet of life.

Best-Selling Option

If you know anything about Lululemon, you know the athleisure fashion brand creates yoga pants or leggings for any body. The pants are soft and curve-fitting and come in so many different colors and patterns that it's hard to choose just one pair each time you look through them.


Athleta athletic wear styles began in 1998 and quickly met the unique needs of athletic women. Gap Inc. acquired the brand in 2008 and started opening stores. The wide range of Athleta athletic wear spread into athleisure pieces. Certain designs cater to specific workouts, while others fit unique body types.

Woman wearing athleisure wear sits on concrete ledge


One of Athleta's goals is to be a leading activewear brand that includes all body types. This inclusive activewear brand accomplishes that goal by creating activewear for women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Get anything from xxs to 3x. Certain items form specific shapes, giving every woman athleisure options that make them look good and feel even better.

Try the Racerback Tank

Many Athleta athletic wear styles are on the best-selling list, but if you enjoy a good tank top, their Racerback tanks are high-quality. They last long, come in various colors and sizes, and allow you to bend and stretch easily.


The Nike brand is named for the Greek goddess of victory, which easily translates into athletics and sports performance. Nike sportswear for women is innovative and fashionable. The pieces work well for exercise and casual wear.

Woman wears athleisure zip up in casual setting

The Transition Is Simple

With all the competition in the athleisure market, the company has upgraded the quality and longevity of Nike sportswear for women. Nike understands that women like being comfortable, whether working out, picking up kids, hitting the grocery store, or lounging at home. Transitioning from the gym to running errands is simple when wearing any athleisure style from Nike.

It's All About the Track Suits

Nike carries a variety of options, allowing women to pick and choose based on their style. While the brand is well known for its shoe lines and sweatpants, the tracksuit is high on the list of fashionable options for athleisure. If you wear shorts and T-shirts to the gym, throw a tracksuit on top for errands and other daily activities, and you're covered for anything.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices sustainable activewear focuses on functional, stylish options that women wear as athleisure for any occasion. The brand's commitment to inclusivity and acceptance of all body types is evident in the variety they offer. They also place importance on sustainability and environmental-friendliness.

Woman stands outside restaurant in comfortable clothing

Longevity and Circularity

Outdoor Voices sustainable activewear prides itself on using materials that work well for a lifetime of activity so the products stay out of landfills. Pass a particular piece on to someone else when you're done wearing it. Their products are circular, meaning they're easy to repair or repurpose. Buying an item from Outdoor Voices gives you sustainable sportswear options that you feel good about wearing.

Get Long-Lasting Bras

No woman wants to search for a new bra every few months or even once a year. Outdoor Voices is one of the athleisure fashion brands that carry bras and crop tops that fit well and last forever. Once you find a good fit, you know what to buy when you need more options. Go back for more of the same, or try a new type for variety.


If you want stylish workout clothes, buy what the celebrities wear — actress Kate Hudson co-founded the Fabletics brand. She wears Fabletics on-trend athletic wear with pride, as do many of her celeb friends. Fabletics has a vast selection of stylish athleisure wear for women of all shapes and sizes. Finding something stylish you appreciate in sizes that work for your body is easy.

Two woman booty bump in athleisure wear in a workout class

Mix and Match

Since Fabletics on-trend athletic wear carries the same excellent quality in all its pieces, the inclusive activewear brand is easy to mix and match. You may appreciate the monotone, matching colors, or try different colors on top and bottom to infuse your signature style into your chosen outfits.

Get Your High-Waisted Shorts Here

Some women appreciate as little leg coverage as possible when working out or gardening on a hot summer day. Fabletics offers popular high-waisted shorts that work for every occasion. The high waist lets you bend, stretch, and move through exercises or daily activities without adjusting the band. Keep your legs cool and bare while your abdomen has full coverage for comfort.

Try the Brands That Appeal to You

What do you want in your athleisure? Comfort? Color and style? A brand name? You don't have to buy all of your workout gear, or even your loungewear, from the same company. You might enjoy the support and comfort of the sports bra from one brand and the soft materials in the tracksuits from another.

Woman wearing athletic wear sits on grassy hill

Your needs differ when looking for athletic wear for sports and exercise. Buy sustainable sportswear options that move when you move, have moisture-wicking properties, and don't chafe so your workouts and daily activities are smooth and comfortable. These women's gym wear brands focus on all those features in each piece they create, offering quality, versatility, and inclusivity for all body types.

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