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Kendra McCracken knows the importance of staying in shape and up-to-date on current health and fitness trends.


  • Kendra has trained in powerlifting, CrossFit, circuit training, bodybuilding, and isometric weight training.
  • Kendra's published work includes over 30 articles, one research paper, and an ebook available on Amazon.
  • She has over five years of writing experience.


When she was seven, Kendra attended a friend’s birthday at a small, local Karate studio. Once she discovered how fun it was, she knew she had to sign up. After three years of Karate, Kendra transitioned to cross country, where she developed a deep love for running. She fell in love with exercise science when she took a strength training class in high school. Her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science allowed Kendra to gain experience with exercise science professors, personal/athletic/group trainers, collegiate athletes, fitness and nutrition experts, and sports administrators. Learning the benefits of exercise wasn’t enough. Kendra also wanted to teach others how to make themselves better. This ultimately led to her obtaining a Master’s in Adult Education and developing a passion for writing. Being a professional writer boosts her confidence and opens up many great opportunities!


Bachelors in Exercise Science, Masters in Organizational Leadership, Masters in Adult Education from Western Kentucky University

Expertise: Organizational Leadership

Education: Western Kentucky University

Location: Kentucky

Title: Writer

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