Home Gym Equipment: Lunges in the Living Room

Key Items

  • Home gym equipment must include a variety of tools and resources for a whole-body workout.

  • Buy equipment that fits your home and fitness goals.

  • Creating a home gym is beneficial, exciting, and educational.

  • When buying home gym equipment, consider your available space.

The gym isn't for everyone. From powerlifters to self-motivated beginners, home gym equipment boosts confidence, convenience, and control over your life. It seems that in a crazy world, the home is one thing you're able to control. Make it better with a home gym.

Finding the best home gym equipment is a stressful challenge, but an exciting one. You're able to shop while learning more about exercise and how to elevate your fitness game. The greatest thing about a home gym is you get happier and healthier without even leaving.

Reasons To Start a Home Gym

If you want to get healthier but aren't able to get up and go to the gym, consider bringing the gym to you. Home gyms are popular, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic locked the doors on many gyms for long periods.

People create home gyms for various reasons. Here are a few.

Gym Anxiety

Gym anxiety is a common condition. This is an overwhelming feeling of nervousness and self-consciousness about going to the gym. Gym anxiety ruins self-confidence.

You're not able to exercise effectively because you feel that others are looking at you in the wall-length mirrors that decorate most gyms. Creating a home gym allows you to get a total workout in the privacy of your house.


Some days it feels like 24 hours isn't enough to do everything that needs to be done. It takes time to commute to the gym, especially if it isn't nearby or you live in a busy area.

Save time by commuting to your basement for a workout instead.

Home gym equipment


It's so convenient to exercise in your own home. You don't have to carry around a change of clothes and shower stuff to clean up before work. You're able to watch and listen to whatever you want.

It's nice to wait until the end of your workout to clean your equipment. Many gyms ask you to clean each piece of equipment after each use. With a home gym, just wait and clean all your equipment at once.


Having a health condition doesn't always mean you have to stop exercising. If you suffer from health conditions that may cause you to pass out or get sick during or after your session, a home gym might be the best option.

There are other safety concerns besides your health.

One study found that 6 in 10 women have been sexually harassed at least once in the gym. This causes many women to worry about their safety.

A home gym allows you to focus on your exercise, rather than those around you.

What To Put in a Home Gym

Equip your home gym with a variety of exercise tools. You need enough equipment to complete a full-body workout, which is critical to reaching effective fitness and health goals.

Mary Bevins, a boxer and writer with Boxing Legends, explains that "the muscles and joints in our bodies work a lot like pulley systems. There are muscle groups that complement the work of other muscles. If you work one area more than the other, you risk injury."

Find versatile equipment that accommodates multiple exercises. If space is an issue, focus on space-saving devices. Choose equipment that fits your home as well as your fitness goals.

Popular Equipment

Doing your research before starting a home gym saves time and money. Find devices that work with your goals and environment. Look for the most durable items so you don't have to replace them as often.

Take a look at some of the most popular equipment used in home gyms.


Dumbbells are an essential part of any home gym. They're a great, space-saving way to get a total body workout.

To protect your hardwood floors, use softer weights such as the Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbells.

These cool dumbbells come in a variety of weights and colors. They're sold in pairs. The neoprene coating provides a cushion effect and non-slip grip. Enjoy the convenient size at 8.2 x 3.5 x 3.5".

The dumbbell has the number of pounds posted on each end so they're easy to find in a group of others. The edges form a hexagon instead of a circle so you don't spend half your workout chasing roll-away dumbbells.

Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbells Photo source: Amazon.com

WeluvFit Pilates Bar Kit

Do you want a whole-body workout in a small space? This is the tool for you.

The WeluvFit Pilates Bar Kit is a stainless steel bar with a collection of elastic bands and cables that facilitate strength training and flexibility.

The bar is durable stainless steel wrapped with soft foam for your comfort. Get your muscles going by switching between the thick, adjustable cables.

You safely get a full range of motion from the alloy buckles that connect the bar and cables.

The cables provide various resistance forces, including 30, 50, and 80 lbs. Choose the corresponding cable and connect it to the bar for an effective and progressive workout.

Gather the cables and bar and take them anywhere you want.

WeluvFit Pilates Bar Kit Photo source: Amazon.com

Ab Roller Wheel

The core is the most important part of the body. Muscles in the stomach, back, and sides make up the core. Exercising the core improves posture, chronic pain, and walking issues.

The Luyata Ab Roller Wheel kit provides an effective core workout by forcing you to hold your core tight as you roll forward and back. The wheel has soft, foam handles to protect your palms as you're moving.

The kit comes with helpful tools that also improve arm strength. There are handles for pushups and resistance bands with grips for arm exercises.

If you get bored, grab the jump rope included in the set and get hopping for a good cardio workout.

Ab Roller Wheel Photo source: Amazon.com

Ally Peaks Pull-Up Bar

Even if you don't have an entire room for a gym, you likely have a door frame. The Ally Peaks Pull-Up Bar securely rests on your door frame when you're ready for pull-ups.

The bar has various grips providing multiple options for hand placement. Changing your hand placement works different muscles, so switching through the handles gives you a more well-rounded workout.

If you're just not feeling up to pull-ups, switch to the cables and attachments to exercise some of the same muscles. The bar and cables come with a door anchor for a secure and effective workout.

Ally Peaks Pull-Up Bar Photo source: Amazon.com

Sports Royals Power Tower

This beautiful piece of equipment is durable, adjustable, sturdy, and versatile. The Sports Royals Power Tower is multifunctional and allows you to work the chest, arms, legs, back, and core.

The structure has several pads for protection and a firm, wide base to prevent swaying during exercise. The attachments are adjustable to allow you to complete various exercises. The armrests are tilted at a 10-degree angle so your elbows stay in place during leg raises.

The pull-up bar height adjusts from 64.56" to 88.18". The adjustment holes are 2.75" apart. You're going to find the perfect height, no matter your size.

The base also includes anti-slip covers on the legs.

Sports Royals Power Tower

Photo source: Amazon.com

Cool Down

Cooling down is one of the most important phases of exercising. As you exercise, your heart and breathing rates increase. Cooling down is the body's process of returning to normal.

Allowing the body to gradually cool down is safer than abruptly stopping your workout. A sharp drop in heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure causes problems like nausea, headaches, and anxiety.

A good "cool down" allows you to distribute the lactic acid that builds up in the muscles during exercise. It also improves blood flow and flexibility and prevents injury.

Gather a strong foundation of resources to help you cool down.

Buy a soft mat for yoga or stretching. Keep muscle rollers nearby so you're able to work out muscle knots and tension. Have headphones or a speaker close by to listen to music while you meditate or relax after your workout.

Get Shopping

What part of your home gym are you most excited about? For many, shopping is one of the most exciting parts of that process — and that's your next step!

There are good reasons to set up a home gym. You need components that deliver a full-body workout while also meeting your needs and fitting the size of your home.

A home gym is convenient, eliminates gym anxiety, saves time, and keeps you safe.

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