Must-Have Plus-Size Workout Clothes for Women

Key Points

  • Effective workout clothes for curvy women provide support and coverage.

  • Plus-size fitness apparel includes sports bras, leggings, workout tanks, running shorts, hoodies and jackets, sports tops, yoga pants, and athletic shoes.

  • Exposing skin allows sweat to dry and your body to regulate its temperature.

The sexiest thing a woman wears is self-confidence. All women have hourglass figures; some just have more sand. Stylish plus-size gym clothes are a hot topic and deserve some spotlight.

Plus-size fitness apparel provides options for curvy girls to exercise in comfort and style. The seams provide support, coverage, and stability. Affordable plus-size workout clothes are more and more popular every day.

Buying new workout clothes makes you excited to go to the gym. It motivates you to get out of bed and lace up your shoes. This is one of many reasons why affordable plus-size workout clothes are so important.

Sports Bras

Yitty, one of the best plus-size activewear brands, dropped its Pride collection, and the sports bras are eye-catching, to say the least.

Plus-size sports bras provide the support you need to hold the girls in place. It's less than exciting to be assaulted by your own body.

Sports bras provide the design needed to improve shoulder mobility. Plus-size sports bras ensure the bra isn't cutting into your sides or weighing down your shoulders.

Just My Size Pure Comfort Bra

This bra has a seamless lining for extreme comfort. The Just My Size comfort bra is 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex. It's machine washable and has support zones for ultimate support.

Enjoy the wide, no-roll underband that shapes and lifts your breasts, removing pressure from your back and shoulders. The neutral colors of the bra options make them pairable with a lot of clothing.


Leggings are form-fitting bottoms that promote exercise. Form-fitting pants are beneficial so you don't trip or get your clothing caught in equipment. Find the best plus-size athletic leggings to wear for your next gym visit.

Leggings that are too tight are distracting and restrict movement. Plus-size athletic leggings allow you to complete the movements you need for your exercises.

Just My Size Jersey Leggings

These leggings are some of the softest on the market. The black leggings have 90 percent cotton and 10 percent spandex, so they stretch to fit and flatter your figure. The gray has 54 percent cotton, 36 percent polyester, and 10 percent spandex.

The Just My Size Jersey leggings have a 26-inch inseam. These leggings are machine washable with no drawstrings or pockets, contributing to a thin appearance. They're ankle length and perfect for yoga, squats, or stretching.

Workout Tanks

Tanktops keep you covered while allowing your body to release excess heat. As sweat leaves your body and reaches the skin, it evaporates and cools your body temperature.

Scientist and writer for Houston Methodist Leading Medicine Katie McCallum explains that "if your body gets too hot, whether it's due to the temperature outside, being physically active or having a fever, bad things can happen."

Exposing more skin allows your sweat to cool you off. Wearing tank tops keeps you more comfortable when you're exercising, so you focus on crushing those reps and sets.

Just My Size Cooldri Tank Top

Working out in the sun leads to sunburn and excessive sweat. The Just My Size Cooldri tank top has a 40+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating to save you from harmful UV rays. It also wicks sweat from your body, keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable.

Enjoy 100 percent polyester, a tagless neckline, and a sporty shirttail hem. It's machine washable, comes in multiple colors, and tumbles dry on low. This lightweight tank looks great on you and fits well packed in a bag.

Running Shorts

Thick thighs are sexy, but chaffing is a consequence of a voluptuous figure. Repeated rubbing together of the thighs causes a rash. Buy running shorts that protect your thighs and your behind.

Nike Women's Dri-Fit Tempo Shorts

These Nike Women's Dri-fit tempo shorts are comfortable, stylish, and roomy. Skip the underwear and use the built-in panties for full coverage.

Opt for stylish plus-size gym clothes with these shorts. Enjoy tons of colors and prints from lightweight material that keep you from overheating.

Hoodies and Jackets

Keeping a hoodie or jacket on hand is helpful when exercising because cooling off after an extensive sweat session leaves you damp and chilly.

Comfortable plus-size activewear is very beneficial. Grab a light hoodie or zip-up jacket so your beads of sweat don't turn into bits of snow.

Just My Size Women's Full-Zip Jacket

Being stylish, comfortable, and affordable is easier than ever with the Just My Size full-zip jacket. This jacket is 100 percent cotton and has a color-matching zipper closure on the front. Use the drawstrings to tighten the hood and keep your head warm.

Wide cuffs and waistbands hold in body heat better. Enjoy tagless comfort and keep your hands toasty in the pockets on either side of the zipper. Machine wash in cold water for best results.

Sports Tops

Effective sports tops must regulate body temperature, wick sweat, and allow total range of motion. They must be durable to withstand multiple uses and washes. Look for some of the best plus-size workout clothes to find the best sports tops.

Aoxjox Long Sleeve Crop Top — Clarissa Backless

If you want a combination of sexy, comfortable, and flexible, look at the Aoxjox backless workout crop top. This shirt lets you watch your abs while working out to see if you're flexing the right muscles.

Enjoy breast pads for comfort, support, shaping, and confidence. It runs true to size, but size up if you're in-between sizes.

With over 15+ color options, finding one you love is effortless. The shirt size ranges from XXS to XXXL. It's 75 percent nylon and 25 percent elastane.

Yoga Pants

Comfortable plus-size activewear, like yoga pants, is important to exercise. Yoga pants are thick, stretchy, and best for exercise. They keep your legs warm during cold workouts and hide your hair if you're worried about shaving your legs.

Plus-size yoga pants aren't see-through and provide the stretch you need without showing your underwear. Take comfort in tall, tummy-control waistbands and soft material during your next yoga session.

Heathyoga Bootcut Yoga Pants

If you're looking for a highly rated, popular, comfortable pair of plus-size yoga pants for your next gym date, then look no further. The Heathyoga yoga pants are machine washable, 80 percent polyester, and 20 percent spandex.

The ultra-stretch, soft material accentuates the curves of your legs and supports your behind. The high-rise, thick waistband provides tummy control and prevents them from falling down.

The two large, durable pockets on the side hold your money, phone, and keys. The inseams are reinforced and placed on the pants for maximum mobility. The pants come in many colors and sizes.

Athletic Shoes

The best gym shoes for women need to provide stability, comfort, and support so you get the most benefits from your exercise. Appropriate athletic shoes match your exercise.

Running shoes are best when they have a curved sole. Curved soles allow your foot to roll forward from heel to toe instead of slamming the ground. Running shoes also need support so you don't place extra pressure on the knee, hip, and ankle joints.

INZCOU Lightweight Running Shoes

These tennis shoes are super stylish. They have separate bands for each strand of your shoestring, so it's more stable and comfortable. The flexible sole is perfect for running.

There's a strong loop on the heel and tongue for you to easily grasp when adjusting the shoe. The high elastic fibers form to your foot, giving you the perfect fit and feel. They're polyester, slip-resistant, and cute enough to wear out shopping.

Time To Go Shopping

The number one trending fitness topic in 2023 is wearable technology for a reason. More people want effective, plus-size workout clothes and technology for better exercise and motivation. Pair your new look with a fitness app to get the most out of your workout sessions.

Workout clothes for curvy women not only make you look great, but they also make you feel great. Find adequate workout gear that makes you look and feel sexy so you're more excited to hit the gym!

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