9 Best Compression Leggings

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Athleisure is a popular fashion trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And why would it? Athletic clothing is way more comfortable to wear than tight jeans. It’s so much easier to throw on a pair of compression leggings and a cute crop hoodie and hit the town. We’ve gotten so used to wearing our athletic gear to the café, mall, and even school. It’s easy to forget what athletic wear is made for, which is, well, being athletic. Turns out, compression leggings are made for more than just making your butt look good. They serve a purpose far beyond aesthetics. In fact, gym goers should consider compression leggings for tough workouts at the gym. Read below for why you need compression leggings and where to find them.

Why Should You Wear Compression Leggings?

Whether you’re a yoga fanatic or marathon runner, you need comfortable workout clothing. Your clothing can make or break a great workout. You need clothing that fits right, something that you won’t be constantly adjusting. Ill-fitting clothing is a distraction when you’re working out and can negatively impact your workout. Compression leggings benefit the wearer in that they are both comfortable and provide added benefits. Compression leggings not only feel great while you exercise, but they can enhance your exercise performance and reduce post-workout muscle soreness.

Compression leggings work by applying gentle pressure to the muscles in your legs. Like compression socks, this pressure promotes blood circulation in the legs. Improved blood flow to the legs can maximize an athlete’s workout performance. Compression leggings can also be useful for people who sit or stand for long periods of time. The increase in blood flow from your compression leggings will eliminate any swelling in your feet or ankles that can occur after periods of standing or sitting.

Improves Exercise Performance

Compression leggings improve blood flow to your leg muscles. More blood flow means more oxygen for your muscles to use during a difficult workout. The more oxygen your muscles get, the more energy and power they’ll preserve. Compression leggings also help to reduce vibration in your skeletal muscles during high impact activities, like running and jumping. In this way, they act like a shock absorber which prevents muscle injury.

Provides More Comfort

Compression leggings are made to fit your form. They stay in place during movement and create less friction than other workout pants. Compression leggings are generally made from nylon and spandex materials that prevent slipping and chafing. They are also typically made from moisture wicking fabric, which keeps you drier during intense workouts.

Improves Recovery Time

By supporting and stabilizing your leg muscles while you exercise, compression leggings absorb some of the strain from working your muscles. That and the increase in blood flow and oxygen helps speed up muscle repair after an intense workout. Meaning, you’ll be back in the gym faster. Compression tights can also be useful for those recovering from a sports injury. Compression will help to reduce inflammation and move more oxygen to the injury site. Thus, your body can repair itself faster.

Reduces Muscle Soreness

Building muscle involves breaking down muscle tissue so that your body can build them back stronger. But the body’s natural repair system induces inflammation of the affected muscles. Inflammation causes swelling and soreness. Compression leggings help to reduce inflammation, therefore reducing muscle soreness post workout. Additionally, compression leggings improve blood flow, which helps flush out creatine kinase. Creatine kinase is a natural enzyme that causes achy muscles.


Whether you’re running, squatting, or contorting your body into the most difficult yoga positions, you need clothing that stretches with you. Compression leggings are stretchy and form fitting. They move with you and don’t get in your way when working out. They won’t restrict your movements or hinder your exercise performance.

9 Best Compression Leggings

1. IUGA High Waist Women’s Yoga Pants

IUGA yoga pants are made for yogis, by yogis. These compression leggings are made for active women who need the ultimate stretch and comfort during their workout. The ankle length pants are made from 4-way stretch material that provide comfort and compression for your muscles while exercising. They feature high waist tummy control with a hidden pocket in the waistband for your keys or wallet. An additional discreet pocket is included on the outer thigh for holding your cell phone.

IUGA women’s yoga pants are squat proof, meaning they’re made from non-see-through thick fabric. You can squat, lunge, stretch, and never worry about anyone seeing your underpants. IUGA offers multiple colors and styles at a much more affordable price than expensive athleisure brands like Lulelemon or Sweaty Betty. The stylish yoga pants are made for wearing to the gym, the café, or for whenever jeans just aren’t an option.

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2. SYRINX Women’s Leggings

Ladies who love their compression leggings to fit like a second skin will love SYRINX women’s leggings. SYRINX compression leggings are available in over 20 different colors. They are cut in a high waisted silhouette for tummy control and a slim fit that elongates your legs. Made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex, the 4 way stretch fabric hugs every one of your curves. SYRINX compression leggings are made to fit like a second skin for the most slimming effect.

SYRINX compression leggings offer full flexibility for whatever style of workout your prefer. And because of their stylish, streamlined look, SYRINX compression garments are versatile. They can be worn to the gym or layered beneath skirts and sweaters in the Fall. The only complaint with these leggings is the thickness of fabric. Some of their compression tights may be see-through in certain colors, namely white and other lighter colors.

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3. Fengbay Women’s Capri Pants

Fengbay women’s capri yoga pants offer 4 way stretch, non-see through fabric that’s perfect for squatting and stretching. They provide firm compression for any high impact sports activity or workout. They’re designed with a high waist and wide elastic waistband for added comfort. Like the IUGA compression leggings, Fengbay compression tights also have a hidden waistband pocket and side pocket for storing small items. The capri style pants cut off mid-calf making them ideal for working out in warmer temperatures. The moisture wicking fabric brings sweat to the surface to dry more quickly. Fengbay compression leggings come in a variety of colors and styles. But be sure to order a size up. Fengbay compression gear runs on the small side and may shrink when washed.

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4. 90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Tummy Control Leggings

The 90 Degree Tummy Control compression leggings by Reflex have a nearly seamless design with multiple features. The high waist elastic waistband provides gentle compression to pull in your mid-section. The waistband lies flat to prevent digging in or slipping while you’re in motion (no more muffin top). A hidden pocket in the front waistband allows you to store small, flat items like your credit cards or a hotel room key. The 90 Degree compression leggings are an ankle fit and measure 28 inches long. Made from stretchy fabric like nylon and spandex, you have full flexibility during your workouts. These squat proof compression tights offer complete coverage that won’t show panty lines no matter how you move. These ultra soft yoga pants are available in multiple colors to compliment your already fabulous workout gear.

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5. Homma Premium Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings

Homma compression leggings are the best workout leggings for tummy control. The super high waist covers most of your midsection and strong compression technology keeps your jiggle in tight and secure. The 4-way stretch, moisture wicking fabric ensures flexibility and comfort throughout the entirety of your workout. These compression leggings are perfect for body contouring or for postpartum moms looking for extra tummy control. The breathable fabric features targeting air venting which helps keep you cool and dry. Homma leggings are seamless for a slim look and soft feel. But the lack of seams in the backside may be an issue for those who prefer a more defined derriere.

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6. Dragon Fit Women’s Yoga Leggings

Dragon Fit combines both functionality and style with their multiple color and print compression leggings for women. The polyester and spandex compression tights provide 4 way stretch for squatting, running, dancing, and more. They’re non-see through no matter what activity you choose to do. The high waist elastic waistband provides the ultimate stretch and comfort that conforms to your body and won’t slide down. Plus, it has a hidden waistband pocket for storing your keys or other small items.

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7. Lingswallow Women’s Slim Fit Leggings

Lingswallow casual yoga pants for women are perfect for any of you daily activities. The non-see-through compression leggings are made for both low and high impact workouts. They provide a 4 way stretch that moves with your body, no matter what you’re doing. Plus, the reinforced gusset provides extra support and prevents rubbing and chafing of your inner thighs. Like most popular yoga pants, Lingswallow compression tights are high waisted for tummy control and contouring. They offer two side pockets and one hidden pocket in the waistband for storing your phone, cards, or keys. These compression yoga leggings are perfect for wearing outside of the gym. But don’t throw these in the washing machine. Lingswallow compression leggings are hand wash only, which may be a minor inconvenience for some.

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8. Shapermint High Waisted Medium Compression Leggings – Shapewear for Women

Shapermint high waisted compression leggings double as workout gear and shapewear. The ultra      high-waisted leggings expertly tuck in your midsection. You’ll see a smooth, streamlined appearance thanks to strong compression fabric technology. Shapermint offers a wide range of sizes including plus sizes. It’s recommended to order a size larger than usual for a comfier all day fit. If looking for total body transformative compression, order your usual size. The 4 way stretch fabric ensures that the leggings move with you as you go about your workout and daily activities. They are versatile enough to wear as activewear or paired with casual outerwear. Shapermint compression leggings are anti slip, meaning they won’t move during high impact exercises. The Shapermint compression leggings are perfect for ladies who are looking for extra contouring in their workout pants.

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9. AIMILIA Butt Lifting Anti Cellulite Leggings for Women High Waisted Yoga Pants Workout Tummy Control Sport Tights

Ladies, if your butt is your best asset, then the AIMILIA Butt Lifting compression leggings are for you. These compression tights were featured on TikTok for providing a Brazilian butt lift effect by simply wearing them. The butt lifting feature in the seat of the leggings gives your booty a more round and defined appearance. AMILIA compression leggings use 4 way stretch and non-see through fabric to conform to and contour your body from the waist down. Made from breathable sports fabric with high elasticity, these leggings are made for any physical activity. And with a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can blend fashion and function. The AMILIA butt lifting compression tights hide your cellulite while highlighting your derriere. They provide a sexy fit for ladies who want to highlight their backside. The high waist offers tummy control for a slim waistline. They are the best compression tights for creating the “slim-thick” aesthetic.

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What Should You Look For in Compression Leggings?

The Right Fit

Compression leggings are meant to fit tight. When choosing the right size for you, you should go by weight and height. Your normal pant size won’t be relevant as compression leggings are not normal pants. Compression gear should fit snug, especially around your calf muscles and ankles. These areas are where swelling is most likely to occur. The waistband should also fit snug, but not so tight where it feels uncomfortable. If your compression tights are too small, the waist band may roll over and cause discomfort. If they are too big, they may slip down while you’re exercising. Plus, they won’t provide as much compression, which is their purpose.

High Waist

If you want tummy control or to prevent the dreaded “muffin top”, look for high waist leggings. A higher waist band will keep your belly and they’ll most likely be more comfortable. Low waist or mid-rise workout leggings are more prone to slipping down while exercising. A higher waisted legging is less likely to slip. People with longer torsos may especially benefit from a high waist.

Seam Lines

Seamless leggings are ideal for a streamlined appearance. But zero seam lines means less structure and compression. Seamless leggings are perfect for activities that require you to be your most flexible, like yoga or Pilates. Structured seams may inhibit your flexibility slightly in this case. But you will want more structure and stability during high impact activities like running or weightlifting. Consider what physical activities you plan on doing before choosing between seamless or seam lined compression tights.


Most compression leggings are made from nylon and spandex which provide the ultimate stretch during movement. You’ll want leggings that feel comfortable on your skin and aren’t irritating. Look for leggings with moisture wicking fabric or strategic ventilation that keep you cool and dry. Heavy cotton material, for example, won’t breathe or dry as well during an intense workout in the gym. Unless you’re exercising in cooler climates, you’ll want compression leggings that keep you cool and comfortable.

Who Should Wear Compression Leggings?

Compression tights can be worn by anyone at any time. While they provide added benefits to athletes during their training, non-athletes can benefit from them as well. Compression tights are both comfortable and trendy. You can wear them while working out, hanging out, watching Netflix, or even sleeping. If they’re comfortable, they’re safe for you to wear whenever and however long you want. Additionally, seniors, or people with blood flow and circulation problems may benefit from wearing compression leggings. Compression helps to keep the oxygen moving through to your muscles in your lower extremities. Therefore, older adults or even individuals recovering from an injury may find compression leggings useful for improving blood flow in their legs.

The Takeaway

Compression leggings serve a wide range of purposes. They can make you look slimmer, increase blood flow, improve workout performance, and reduce post workout muscle soreness. The compression element also benefits people needing to improve circulation, reduce swelling, or speed recovery after an injury. So, this comfortable and stylish active wear is not just for athletes and does not need to be relegated to the gym. The style, comfort, and shape correcting attributes of compression leggings will make them a go-to choice for all of your daily activities! 

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