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Hannah Sharer is a certified spin and kickboxing instructor, seasoned group fitness coach, and former NFL cheerleader who combines her zeal for writing and passion for helping people with her six years of professional experience in the fitness industry.


  • 6+ years of experience leading group fitness classes and motivating people to leave their comfort zones
  • Hannah danced on the field as a Houston Texans Cheerleader.
  • She learned from and trained alongside top professionals in various fitness-related fields.


Hannah’s big debut into the fitness world began shortly after her first semester of college. When she wasn’t writing and studying her heart out, she was teaching kickboxing classes to stay in shape, get her daily dose of endorphins, and connect with a supportive community. A year later, she auditioned to become a spin instructor at a studio she’d fallen in love with. This deeply rewarding job gave her the confidence to pursue and achieve an even bigger dream: dancing on the field at NRG Stadium as a Houston Texans Cheerleader.


Bachelor’s in Writing from Houston Christian University

Expertise: Writing

Education: Houston Christian University

Location: Houston, TX

Title: Writing Lead

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