9 Workout Bands for Women

Key Points

  • Resistance bands are a space-saving, multifunctional fitness tool.

  • Stretch, build muscle, rehab joints, and intensify workouts with exercise bands.

  • Fit Simplify, Limm, Letsfit, Walito, Te-Rich, INTEY, TRIBE, HPYGN, and Renoj are popular resistance band brands. 

Remember the first time you accidentally slapped your wrist a little too hard with an elastic band? You were probably just a kid who felt betrayed — not to mention traumatized — by your wrist buddy. 

Your response? Avoid wearing them for a few weeks until the emotional sting subsides. They belong in your hair, anyways! Ponytails, ballerina buns, and pigtails only from here on out.

While women’s workout bands may seem like nothing more than giant, stretchy rubber bands (been there, done that, right?), they’re actually a staple in the fitness industry. Resistance bands for women are adaptable fitness tools that are completely hassle-free.

Designed to provide the same gains you get from machines and free weights, exercise bands for women let you squeeze in a solid stretch or workout — anytime, anywhere. Major plus? Tuck these compact items into your purse, pocket, or gym bag. 

Physical therapist Shawn Pedicini says, “Whether you need to focus on specific areas or need to better control exercise resistance — like when recovering from an injury or dealing with joint pain — bands offer something for almost anyone, no matter his physical health, limitations, or fitness goals.”

Overwhelmed by all the options out there? Decide which style, color, function, resistance level, cost, and material construction works best for you. To make your search as painless as possible, here’s a list of the top resistance bands on the market. 

Note: The prices listed below are accurate as of May 2023.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Searching for resistance bands that are durable, versatile, and gentle on your skin? 

Well, you found them!

Fit Simplify Resistance Bands cater to all fitness levels by providing five color-coded bands with varying resistance. Bands range from extra light to extra heavy tension, perfect for upper and lower body exercises.

Use these snap and sweat-resistant bands for training, stretching, or rehabilitation. Soothe and strengthen your legs, knees, back, and ankles with physical therapy exercises. 

If you’re a yoga resistance band first-timer, this set arrives with an illustrated instruction booklet and a cute little carrier bag.

Girly babes will love this: Fit Simplify bands come in five stunning shades of pink and purple.

Bonus? They’re super affordable. 

Price: $13

Material: Natural latex

Resistance: Up to 74 lbs


  • Stretch and snap over time 

  • Roll up during use

  • Stick together when doubling up

Limm Resistance Bands

Is smell a dealbreaker for you? If so, push Limm Resistance Bands to the top of your list.

These 13-inch loop resistance bands are completely odorless, high-quality, and long-lasting. They enhance your arm, glute, hip, leg, and core workouts. “Feel the burn” takes on a whole new meaning just a few seconds in. 

The Limm set arrives in a mesh carrying case with a workout guide. What do you get? Five colored resistance bands with progressive intensity. Lighter bands are gentle yet effective enough for beginners and postpartum mothers in recovery. Medium to heavy bands bring a gratifying challenge to more advanced users. It’s a win for everyone!

Use these yoga resistance bands for strength training, physical therapy, and more.

PSA: They double as Pilates resistance bands!

Exercising at home? Grab your loop resistance bands and follow along to this booty-sculpting workout!

Price: $11 – $12

Material: Natural latex

Resistance: 3 – 29 lbs


  • Don’t stretch far enough for specific exercises

  • Poor range of motion

  • Break easily

  • Not ideal for advanced gym-goers

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

If you want resistance bands that do it all, look no further. Like mini transformers, Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands rehab your muscles, assist your Pilates moves, guide your yoga flow, intensify your workouts, and help you stretch. You hold the key.

These overachieving bands are safe, durable, and lightweight. Their anti-slip design lets you feel confident and secure while you train. Letsfit has five resistance loops that fit into a portable carry bag. 

Glute and hip activation? Check. Perfect for at-home, gym, outdoor, and travel workouts? Check. 

Bonus: Letsfit resistance bands provide noticeable relief for bothersome arthritis symptoms.

Price: $25

Material: Premium natural latex

Resistance: 5 – 40 lbs


  • Snap and tear easily

  • Not enough resistance for seasoned athletes

  • Slide down during use

Walito Resistance Bands

Walito Resistance Bands are the portable, no-pinch resistance bands you didn’t know you needed!

Use them in singles or pairs for a powerful, muscle-toning workout. Train your legs, glutes, and calves with these fabric resistance bands. They’re extremely soft and stretchy (in a good way), allowing for a wide range of motion. 

Walito’s three loop bands offer light, medium, and heavy resistance for varying fitness levels. While you stretch and squat into the figure of your dreams, simultaneously relieve joint pain. How so? Resistance bands stabilize your joints while decreasing the stress put on them.

There’s a lot to gain with these booty bands for women!

Receive beautiful pastel green, pink, and purple bands with a detailed printout of corresponding exercises. 

Already have a solid fitness routine? Walito resistance bands assist P90X, CrossFit, yoga, hot yoga, and BeachBody workouts. 

Price: $14 (lifetime warranty included)

Material: Cotton and latex

Resistance: 14 – 50 lbs


  • Too much resistance

  • Little resistance difference between all three bands

  • Too thick

  • Don’t stretch enough (too tight and restricting for some users)

  • Roll during use

Te-Rich Resistance Bands

Te-Rich Resistance Bands feature anti-snap technology that lets you safely add variety to your workouts. The colorful set comes with three circular bands. 

PSA: Te-Rich constructs each band with comfy material and built-in grips to prevent slipping. Slide these fabric resistance bands over your knees and fire up your muscles in seconds! They’re thick, durable, and amazing for training your lower body. 

Need some ideas?

  • Carefully step into the band and pull until it rests above your knees. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart (or slightly wider for added intensity) and drop low into a squat. Once you reach knee level, drive through your heels and extend your legs and torso upwards to a standing position. Repeat 10 to 20 times for two to three sets. 

  • Donkey kicks are sure to give your glutes a run for their money. Start on all fours with your Te-Rich resistance band wrapped around your thighs. Position it halfway between your hips and knees. Widen your knees until you reach your desired resistance level. Keeping your knee bent, lift your right leg into the air until your knee aligns with your hip. Hold for five seconds, then slowly lower it back to the floor. Perform 10 to 15 right-side reps, then repeat with the left leg. Aim for two to three sets.

Price: $15

Material: Cotton and latex grips

Resistance: Light to heavy (15 – 45 lbs)


  • Fabric pilling

  • No corresponding instructional videos or booklets

INTEY Resistance Bands

Made with natural latex and eco-friendly materials, INTEY Resistance Bands amplify upper and lower body workouts. You get four bands, a portable carry bag, and quality assurance. These strength training bands are tear-resistant and effective.

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of longer bands, INTEY is a solid choice. Use their Pilates resistance bands to do assisted upright rows, bicep curls, tricep dips, pull-ups, and more. 

The day after you try them out, expect gratifyingly sore arms. 

Price: $39

Material: Natural latex 

Resistance: 15 – 125 lbs 


  • Pricey

  • Currently out of stock at Walmart

  • Snap for some users 

  • Must clean after every use to avoid oil residue and mold

TRIBE Resistance Bands Set

TRIBE Fitness offers the ultimate resistance band set! You get five color-coded resistance bands, a door anchor, ankle straps, two plush handles, a waterproof carrying bag, and a 50-page exercise ebook. What more could you ask for?

Register your set online for a lifetime warranty. You're covered if something breaks or snaps — no fees attached. 

From beginners to professional athletes, TRIBE Resistance Bands empower you to break outside your comfort zone. Work everything from your shoulders to your calves with these strength training bands. Users rave about how you can actively feel yourself getting stronger with every workout. 

Considering all the high-quality goodies you get, their $24 price is a total steal!

Price: $24

Material: Nylon and natural rubber

Resistance: Up to 150 lbs


  • Door anchor may damage your door frame

  • Velcro ankle straps tend to fray

  • Low range of motion for taller users

  • Susceptible to snapping 

HPYGN Resistance Bands

Are you regularly indecisive about which muscles to exercise? Train them all with HPYGN Resistance Bands

These non-slip workout bands generate high tension yet are incredibly lightweight and durable. They feature a wider design for added comfort and contain handles for better stability and control.

Use these versatile exercise bands for women to sculpt every inch of your body — inside or outdoors.

Their five bands have 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50-lb resistance. Employ them independently or in combination to create magnified tension. This set also includes a helpful workout guide. HPYGN exercise bands are structured differently than other brands, so knowing how to use them correctly is beneficial.

Price: $18

Material: Natural rubber

Resistance: 10 – 150 lbs


  • No setup instructions

  • Changing handles is time-consuming

  • Bands are too long for users 5'4" and under (have to modify specific exercises)

Renoj Resistance Bands

With a range of resistance levels and a no-roll guarantee, Renoj Resistance Bands are ideal for home workouts, lunch sessions, or on-the-go training. 

These non-slip workout bands boast an impressive 4.7 (out of five) star rating, with over 36,000 users shouting their praise. That's a lot of people!

They’re budget-friendly, high-quality, and downright fun to use. The Renoj company focuses on bringing joy back to fitness while successfully shaping your body. Target your glutes, abductors, quads, calves, and core with booty bands for women.

Select from an array of pretty colors or stick with neutrals.

Price: $13

Material: Latex and polyester

Resistance: 20 – 70 lbs


  • Prone to stretching out

  • Emit strong chemical odor

  • Maximum tension is lower than many other brands

  • Best for beginners

  • Too snug for thick-thighed babes

  • Too loose for petite users

Go the Distance With Resistance

Whether you want to upgrade your fitness routine, fulfill a New Year’s resolution, transition to at-home workouts, or train while you travel, women’s workout bands are essential. Use them for stretching, strength training, physical therapy, mobility work, and injury prevention.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian reveals how resistance band-assisted exercises slim and shred her stomach. "That was crazy — but the best kind of crazy," she tells her Instagram followers about her trainer's intense workout.

Resistance bands for women save space while helping you get in the best shape of your life. Fitness professionals seriously love them — there's a strong chance you will, too.

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