Winter Workout Gear: Must Have and Must Knows

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Key Items

  • Some of 2023's best workout gear comes from Under Armour, iHuan, BALEAF, Devops, and The Gym People.

  • Winter workout gear is essential because working out in cold weather causes the body to react differently.

  • Winter workout gear must consist of a base layer, a removable top layer, leggings, pants, socks, gloves, ear warmers, and warm shoes.

When winter rolls around, the sun sets earlier, people go out less, and outdoor activities rest until next summer. Seeing the summer slip away is sad, but you don't have to ditch your outdoor workout routine. Appropriate winter workout gear is effective for keeping you safe and successful.

You may think it's beneficial to bulk on some clothes and head for the park. It's better when you wear fleece-lined winter workout gear that wicks sweat and keeps you warm if you're looking for a successful exercise session.

What Is Effective Winter Workout Gear?

Your winter workout clothes determine whether you have a good or bad exercise session. Big, baggy clothing may trip you up while running outdoors. Jackets that are too long may restrict movement around your legs.

It's harder for the body to move in cold conditions. Dr. Matthew Chinn with the Medical College of Wisconsin states that "as your body gets colder, the nerve impulses in your body slow down. With these nerve impulses slowed, it takes longer for your brain to tell your body to move the way you want it. Additionally, manual dexterity also declines."

To combat the effects of cold weather, sport the right gear.

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What Should You Wear for Winter Workouts?

When shopping for winter workout clothes, consider a few aspects. Adequate winter workout clothes exhibit key qualities:

  • Moisture-wicking

  • Form-fitting

  • Temperature regulating

  • Flexible

  • Waterproof

Working out in the cold increases the chances of muscle injury and cramps because the muscles aren't as adjustable in extreme temperatures. Your winter workout clothes need to keep you dry and warm.

Conserve Body Heat

Getting frostbite or hypothermia weakens the immune system. You need to conserve body heat to stay warm when exercising outside. Keep your body heat as much as possible by protecting your head, face, hands, and feet.

Ski masks, hats, and ear warmers are best for keeping body heat from escaping your head. Gloves and mittens hold heat in the fingers. Socks and the right gym shoes keep your feet warm.


Shoes are an important part of exercising outside. Puddles of snow and ice send you flying feet-first into the air. Avoid a broken bone and hurt pride by using non-slip shoes.

Non-skid shoes have a special bottom designed to increase your grip and friction, preventing falls. Walking through snow and ice soaks your shoes, so effective winter shoes are warm and waterproof.

Popular Winter Workout Gear

As the workout world changes, companies design new and innovative clothing. It's easier than ever to find fashionable workout pants.

Adequate winter workout gear fights the problems caused by cold environments. Discover some of the most popular winter workout gear for men and women below.

Men's Under Armour HeatGear Leggings

It's tough finding leggings for men. These Under Armour leggings are great for men who workout in cold areas. The popularity comes from an athletic, effective, and stylish polyester and elastane blend.

The lightweight fabric allows for ventilation and fast drying. It's sweat-wicking and boasts a wide, elastic waistband that prevents them from sliding down. There's a deep pocket on the right side for storage and an inseam of 28 inches.

Men's Under Armour HeatGear Leggings

Photo source:

iHuan Gloves

The fingers, toes, ears, and nose are at the highest risk of frostbite. Keep your fingers safe with the iHuan winter gloves for men and women.

These gloves are cool because the fingertips have touchscreen capabilities, so you don't have to keep taking them on and off to send a text. They're warm, waterproof, and have an elastic cuff that fits all wrist sizes.

These gloves are nylon with an inner fleece blend. Explore the silicon dots on the palm and fingertips that improve your grasp. No more dropping your water bottle because it slid out of your glove.

iHuan GlovesPhoto source:

BALEAF Women's Fleece Lined Leggings

Keeping the legs warm while exercising in a cold environment prevents leg cramps. These BALEAF women's leggings are the perfect polyester and spandex blend. Blending polyester and spandex creates sweat-wicking and form-fitting qualities perfect for athletes everywhere.

Enjoy a 25-inch inseam with two large side pockets and a waistband pocket. The high waistband slims your shape and holds in your stomach, supporting your core and back.

BALEAF Women's Fleece Lined Leggings

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Devops Thermal Long-Sleeve Compression Shirt

Go for your next winter run in style with the Devops compression shirt. This shirt is 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex. It helps shape retention and includes a fleece base layer for softness and warmth.

Compression shirts are close-fitting, which means they reserve more body heat. In cold weather, body heat escapes through the skin. Without form-fitting clothing touching your skin, you risk losing warmth.

It's machine washable and regulates your body temperature, so you're not too hot or cold. This comfortable compression shirt is stylish and catches your crush's eye at the gym.

Devops Thermal Long-Sleeve Compression Shirt

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The Gym People Yoga Pants

Effective yoga starts with yoga pants, whether you're a beginner yogi or a pro. The Gym People yoga pants have a high waist that improves tummy control so you don't have to feel self-conscious when you're doing crunches.

These thick, high-waisted pants come in many fashionable colors and designs, so you always find a pair that fits you. A beautiful blend of polyamide and spandex curve around your legs and accentuate your shape.

Experience an ultra-stretch fit that's breathable and durable without being see-through. These pants are great if you have thick thighs because the strong seams minimize chafing and rubbing. Skip the washing machine and hand wash for the safest way to clean them.

The Gym People Yoga Pants

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BALEAF Women's Half-Zip Pullover

If you get warmer when you run, focus on a half-zip pullover. A half-zip keeps you warm when it's fully zipped and allows for a small breeze when unzipped. This BALEAF women's pullover is form-fitting and an excellent way to stay comfortable while getting in shape.

Notice the strong zipper closures on the chest and both pockets on the stomach. This pullover wicks moisture and holds 82 percent polyester, 18 percent spandex, and a fleece-lined interior.

Have you had your sleeves ride up when you're exercising? This pullover features thumb holes that keep your sleeves down over your wrists for colder temperatures. Using the thumb holes prevents airflow from sneaking up your sleeve.

BALEAF Women's Half-Zip Pullover

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Best Workout Tips for Winter

Not only does working out in the winter require special clothing, but also more motivation and effort. Muscles need more energy to move when they're cold. When you're working more, you have a higher chance of being sore.

Warm Up

If you don't warm the muscles up before starting an exercise, you're going to get injured. The muscles need to be loose and full of blood when you start exercising.

Using the muscles before they're ready overworks them because they don't have the resources they need to carry out the movements without being injured.


Stretching is super important in healthy muscles. Stretching improves muscle movement and recovery. Blood flow and oxygen circulation increase when the muscle spreads out. This increases the number of nutrients that reach the muscle fibers.

Yoga is a great way to stretch the muscles and improve your exercise performance. Yoga relaxes the muscles and releases tight knots that prevent a full range of motion.

Wear Layers

Getting too hot is just as dangerous as being too cold. Wear layers when you're exercising outside in the winter so you're able to take clothing off as you warm up.

Throughout the day, temperatures generally rise. As you exercise, your body temperature increases as well. Wearing layers lets you strip some off after you warm up so you don't overheat.

A base layer is best when it's form-fitting and sweat-wicking. Since it's the first layer, it touches the skin, which better preserves body heat and absorbs sweat.

Listen to Your Body

Know when you need to rest. Exercising outdoors in the winter packs some powerful benefits, but it's not easy. Occasionally moving your workout indoors is okay.

If you notice you're having trouble warming up after a workout or you're more sore than normal, take a break from the snow for about a week. Work your way back into your full workout outdoors.

Go Shopping

It's great that winter exercise requires unique clothing because it means you get to go shopping. Buy cute, comfortable workout gear that you're excited to put on. That way it's not so tough to get going.

Working out in the cold is exciting, beneficial, and fun! It has many benefits, like improved mental, physical, and emotional health.

Check out Fit&Fab for more tips and tricks on working out, stretching, and yoga!

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