Top Workouts And Exercises To Get a Big Butt

Woman with fit glutes

Finding the right workouts and exercises are essential if you want to build a big butt!

Building a big butt isn’t as simple as doing a few squats. That’s because your glutes are made up of multiple muscles, and each one plays a vital role in helping you get the results you want!

Your glutes can help you run faster, jump higher, build stronger bones and joints, and even make your booty bigger. But here’s the thing: You have to make sure you’re doing the correct exercises to get the results you want.

When building a big butt, you must focus on workouts and exercises that support your goals. In this article, you’ll learn what your glutes are, the best big butt workout, and more!

What Are Your Glutes?

If you’ve ever wondered how your body moves, you’ve likely heard someone mention “your glutes.” But what are your glutes, and how important are they?

You might be surprised to learn that you have three different sets of them and that each affects your daily movements.

Your glutes are essential for many activities. For example, a healthy set of glutes is crucial for athletic performance, and healthy glutes help prevent injuries.

There are three main glute muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Each of these muscles plays a vital role in the formation of your butt and in maintaining your balance.

The gluteus maximus is the largest of them. It stabilizes the hip and pelvis while walking and gives internal and external rotation. And, of course, you can’t live without it.

A strong pair of glutes will improve how you stand, sit, walk, and move. As you strengthen your glutes, you’ll notice a positive impact on every activity.

Among all of the muscles in your body, the glutes are some of the most important ones. Glutes make it possible for you to walk, run, jump, and rotate your hip joints.

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How Can Workouts and Exercises Help Get a Big Butt

The proper diet and exercise can make all the difference in building a big butt.

Proteins are the building blocks of muscle, and you can grow muscles by eating lean proteins and exercising. Some examples of good protein sources are eggs, skinless chicken breast, tuna, salmon, beans, lentils, soy nuts, and unprocessed meat.

And, with workouts and exercises that target your butt, you will develop your glutes and eventually have a bigger butt.

If you want a big butt, you should focus on compound exercises and not isolated movements. Using a proper weight, combined with high repetitions, will make it easy to get a big butt.

Adding weights to your exercises will boost the intensity of your workouts and push you past plateaus. Weights can be added using dumbbells, barbells with plates, resistance bands, medicine balls, and kettle bells. If you don’t want to spend lots of money on a gym membership, you can consult a personal trainer to learn some specific exercises. While targeted exercises will not produce results in a few days, they will help you get the shape you want.

Top Workouts And Exercises To Get a Big Butt

When it comes to building your glutes and getting a big butt, it’s essential to focus on activities that target all three gluteus muscles. In this list, you can review 9 of the top workouts and exercises to get a big butt.

Weighted Glute Bridge

You’ve probably heard of the bridge exercise and its benefits to the big butt. This exercise is a great way to develop a big butt. Lie on your back and lift your hips off the floor until you form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Pause at the top and then lower your body back down. Repeat twelve times. You should feel your glutes tighten up and see some accurate, significant results.

Now, the weighted glute bridge is a great exercise to strengthen the butt and build big glutes.

Begin by lying on your back. Place the barbell over your hips and bend your knees. Next, press through your heels and push your hips up, extending your back and using your core to drive through your heels.

Be careful not to hyperextend your lower back. This exercise is best done slowly and with good form.

Weighed glute bridges

Bulgarian Split Squat

If you’re looking for a great workout to build a big butt, then the Bulgarian Split Squat might be your best bet. The split squat is one of the most popular lower-body exercises, and you can even modify it to increase your flexibility.

Begin by standing on a bench and extending your right leg forward. Next, bend your front knee but do not extend your knee over your toes.

To maximize the benefits of the split squat, you should perform the Bulgarian split squat with a bench or a loaded barbell.

When performing the Bulgarian split squat, it’s essential to focus on proper form, so you don’t hurt yourself. As with any exercise, improper form can lead to injury and not the desired results.

To improve your results, focus on your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. And, to get the most out of this exercise, practice it daily. You’ll be glad you did!


One of the best exercises for building big butt strength is the step-up.

This step-up exercise targets the glutes and hamstrings, which are both important in building a big butt. You can do it on the floor at home or in a gym using a lever machine or resistance band.

Start with your left leg slightly bent and your right leg hovering above the floor. Then extend your right leg backward. You can repeat this exercise multiple times if you wish to work different parts of your butt. Make sure to tighten your core while performing each repetition. Once you’ve mastered the exercise, perform a few sets of 10 reps.

Single-Leg Squat

An excellent workout to include in your big butt training program is the single-leg squat. This exercise targets the glutes, lower back, and hamstrings. Again, start low and gradually work up to higher reps.

The squat can also be performed on a foam roller or split squat stand.

Begin by standing in a neutral position and bending the right knee. As you lower yourself, keep your shoulders back to counteract the harmful forward rounding of the hips. Next, bend your hips backward and push through the floor with your standing leg. Repeat the movement until you feel your shoulders begin to round. Continue until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Using a weighted dumbbell, step forward. Start at a hip-width distance and bend the knee. Lower your body until your hips are parallel to the floor. Maintain your posture and alignment by bracing your core. While lowering yourself, ensure that you keep your hips level and use a controlled tempo. Aim for a two or three-second count down and one or two seconds on the way up.

woman doing a single leg squat with trainer in gym


The deadlift is a powerful compound exercise that strengthens many muscles responsible for good posture. The wide stance allows you to engage your glutes and hamstrings as well, which will help in your quest to build a big butt. Your knees should bend slightly during this exercise, and your hips should bend. Do not forget to brace your core before performing this exercise. If you are not using the correct form, you can use a PVC pipe placed down your spine.

A deadlift is an advanced exercise, and your strength, fitness level, and goal should all be taken into account before beginning this exercise. You should perform three to four sets of fifteen to twenty reps with a weight that challenges you to the last rep. If you want to develop a big butt, you need to focus on the proper technique.

You can also modify your deadlift for a bigger butt. If you want to be more versatile, you can try the sumo stance deadlift. This is a popular variation and provides added balance. In addition, this lift is excellent for people with back problems. To get started on the deadlift for big butt, check out some videos on the internet.

woman doing a deadlift at gym

Barbell Hip Thrust

When performing barbell hip thrust exercises, the muscles of your butt work as a single unit. Hold your shoulder blades against the bench and keep your spine neutral to ensure proper form. Ensure you squeeze your glutes and core while lifting the barbell, and hold the position for at least three seconds. Once you’ve completed a set, lower the weight back down to the starting position.

Lunges on a Ball

Lunges are a great lower-body exercise that strengthens significant muscle groups in the lower half of the body. Several lunge variations work for different muscle groups. In addition, different lunge variations work the body in other planes of motion, including front-to-back, side-to-side, and diagonally. This makes lunges a versatile workout that works for all major muscle groups and can be performed on any level.

For beginners, try ball squats. Start standing three feet away from a wall and place the exercise ball between your low back and the wall. Bring your right foot to rest on the ball, ensuring your front knee stays behind your toe. Then, bend both knees and push through your front heel to stand up. Be sure to go only as low as you are comfortable.

woman doing lunges on a workout ball

If you have tight hip flexors, stick to regular lunges instead.

Lunges on a ball are a great way to get your big butt sculpted. They require a low-impact exercise and are easy to perform. If you use a medicine ball, you can add weights to the ball to make them more difficult. Moreover, lunges on a ball are great for building muscle tone in the upper body.

Hex Bar Deadlift

One of the best strength training exercises for the big butt is the Hex Bar Deadlift. This exercise requires good form and is excellent for developing big muscles in the back and butt.

Proper deadlift form involves bending the knees and butt out at the hip hinge. Pushing through the heels and knees too early leads to backup and puts too much strain on the lower back.

Hex bar deadlifts are great because the proper hex bar deadlift form puts less stress on the lower back.

Why? Using a hex bar allows you to control the amount of stress on your back. Using this bar lowers the pressure on the back and allows for growth. It also helps reduce the risk of injury.

As with any other workout, you should perform a warm-up session before beginning this exercise. Then, begin deadlifting with the bar loaded with your desired weight. A hex bar deadlift can be combined with squats and other activities to help you build a big butt.

Lateral Band Walk

Lateral band walks challenge your core by forcing you to walk laterally to your hips and thighs. It can help you build a more stable, muscular body. Here’s how to do it!

Begin by sitting on a bench, extending one leg behind you, and pressing on the band with your knees. Next, press out on the bar to engage your glutes, but be sure not to overextend your back. Once you’re in a position where your glutes are engaged, pause briefly and feel your glutes working. Alternatively, you can hold a bench outside your legs and place your arms on your legs to support your weight.

This exercise targets your gluteus medius, the primary mover muscle. This muscle helps keep your hips stable while performing flexion and extension. Keeping your hips stable is essential for overall health. When you exercise the gluteus medius, you can avoid injuries and improve your performance! You’ll also build up your quads and strengthen your core, as these muscles are necessary for maintaining a stable hip.

What To Know About Butt Exercises and Workouts

To shape your glutes and build a big butt, you may want to begin with butt exercises without weights. Whether you’re walking up a hill or using a treadmill, you’ll need to keep your glutes engaged, but you can also perform other glute-focused exercises.

Progressive overload is the key to muscle building. By doing so, you’ll be building a bigger butt faster.

When considering which big butt exercises to try, consider your body type and fitness level. Some people naturally have larger lower bodies than others, so their butt muscles will respond differently to a specific workout program.

Benefits of Working Out For a Big Butt

Building a bigger butt looks good, but it also improves your overall health.

Your glutes are vital for maintaining an upright posture, performing important lower body movements, and even helping you climb stairs. When you work out these muscles, you can develop a big butt, increasing your strength, speed, and stability.

The benefits of working out for a big butt are numerous.

There are several benefits of lifting heavy weights to build your butt. The most effective form of muscle building is weight lifting, so you need to incorporate these exercises into your workouts.

Lunges and squats are great exercises to build glutes, and you should incorporate weight into these movements to increase the load. You can also integrate glute bridges, hip thrusts, and dynamic stretching exercises into your workout plan.

fit woman at gym with frim glutes

How To Stretch Your Glutes After a Workout

The goal of stretching the glutes after a workout is to prevent stiffness and increase performance.

If you have tight glutes, you can use specific stretching exercises to release tension and improve flexibility. For example, a simple standing leg stretch works the gluteus muscles by bending the knee of the left leg and pushing down on it with the left elbow. You should repeat the movement on the other side.

You can stretch your glutes by using a foam roller. You can also do self-myofascial release (SMR) by massaging your muscles. First, place the foam roller under your right glute muscle. Next, cross your left foot over your right knee, brace yourself, and roll down from your thigh to your lower back. Stop if you feel tightness or pain in any part of your glutes.

While stretching your glutes after a workout is important, remember to stretch them before each leg session as well.

Glutes are one of the largest muscles in your body, and if they’re tight or stiff, they can affect various other muscles and cause tightness throughout the body. Without stretching, you can have tight glutes that affect your back, hips, hamstrings, and knees. This is why stretching your glutes is crucial for any booty-busting workout.

Final Thoughts On Workouts To Get a Big Butt

When it comes to building a big butt, many exercises can help you reach your goal of a beautiful backside. You need to know which ones will get you where you want to be.

And, when it comes to building a nice, big butt, don’t get discouraged. Focus on the positives, and you will be surprised at how quickly you can see results. When you are working out, remember to focus on your form and always stretch before starting and when finishing a new exercise routine.

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