Top 7 Sexy See-Through Yoga Pants

Glamorous brunette in a white top, see-through leggings, and black high heels

Having the best sexy workout leggings is like having a multifunctional kitchen gadget that does almost everything you need for meal prep. In other words, the right see-through yoga pants are essential in your wardrobe if you are a yogi who wants to strut their stuff.

Some of the traits you might want from your yoga pants include that they don’t bunch up around your ankles, or they aren’t snug that they pinch your skin. No matter what you are looking for in tight, see-through yoga pants, this guide offers products to consider.

Comfort, style, and overall fashion are the three big things when choosing leggings or yoga pants. Whether you want them to be see-through or opaque, yoga pants need to be more than that to your yoga routine.

The following guide will include the top 7 sexy see-through yoga pants for your consideration. If you’re looking for opaque yoga pants, this is not going to be what you’re looking for in yoga pants.

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12/08/2023 03:52 am GMT

1. Lazutom Sexy Women See-Through Sheer Mesh Pants Leggings

The Lazutom Sexy Women See-Through Sheer Mesh Pants Leggings come in 5 colors, white, black, pink, yellow, purple, and nude. These are highly breathable and can be worn as leggings for sexy date nights, or as tights with a skirt or dress. You can even wear these under tight pants if you need something to prevent chafing or rubbing. 

If it’s cold outside, you can use these as a pants liner for a little extra warmth, but don’t expect these mesh yoga pants to keep you warm, like fleece-lined leggings. Luzutom leggings are made from mesh, synthetic see-through fabric, and are hand-wash only. Do not put these leggings in the washing machine.

The ease and comfort of wearing these yoga pants make it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. The nude color is especially good if you just want to have something to cover your legs under a skirt or dress. If you’re trying to avoid camel toe, these are not the yoga pants you are looking for. We’re rockin’ that hoof in style!

Pair these leggings with a bodysuit, long t-shirts, skirts, shorts, or whatever trendy look you desire when you want to look sexy. Not only will you enjoy looking sexy, but you also have a lot of freedom of movement when you’re doing cat pose or downward facing dog.

They pair quite well with stiletto heels, high-heel boots, or whatever footwear looks the sexiest on you. This Lazutom brand see-through leggings yoga pants are an Amazon Choice product with 4.2 out of 5 stars out of the 382 global ratings.

Reviewers mentioned things like “it doesn’t get more see-through than this,” “Amazing and soft,” “Nice. Fits as it should,” “Very see-through,” “Easy to put on. Look great.” Some reviewers said that the one-size fits all concept is deceiving, and another, the seams fail. Overall, the reviews are 88% positive, between 3 and 5 star ratings.

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12/08/2023 05:12 am GMT

2. LinvMe Women’s Hot Sexy See-Through Sheer Mesh Long Pants Legging

As described, reviewers say that the LinVMe Women’s Hot Sexy See-Through Sheer Mesh Long Pants Legging is “very see-through.” One reviewer says her man couldn’t keep his hands off her. These pants received 4 out of 5 stars from 141 global customer ratings. Mostly positive reviews from 3 to 5 stars.

These leggings are made from mesh, and reviewers are saying they are kind of rough instead of soft, but that often happens when only mesh is used in the making of yoga pants. That means the mesh may be made from tulle.

Tulle is a rougher form of mesh material than is commonly used for making yoga pants or leggings. However, it is very see-through. Tulle is made from delicate rayon, acetate, nylon, or other synthetic forms of silk. It’s cheaper, stronger, and more durable than real silk tulles. Therefore, cheaper tulle may be what makes these leggings less soft.

If you aren’t concerned with how soft your see-through yoga pants are, these will do the trick for looking sexy or trendy when you’re out on the town in your skirts, dresses, and stiletto heels. They can also be paired with bodysuits or long t-shirts for your yoga workout.

Just remember that these mesh yoga pants are virtually totally see-through. They come in vivid candy colors like royal blue and red, depending on what you like. If showing off your perfect ass is what you want, then these leggings will do that.

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3. LinvMe Women’s Sexy See-Through Sheer Tight Pants Nylon Legging

The LinvMe Women’s Sexy See-Through Sheer Tight Pants Nylon Legging is as described. These leggings are see-through, and they come in black, white, or gray. They will perfectly pair with long t-shirts, bodysuits, harem pants, act as tights, and whatever heels you want to wear when you want a sexy look. 

This is a second pair of yoga pants from the LinvMe brand. These are made from milk silk (how exotic sounding!) and designed like very skinny pencil pants. You can wear them for hot yoga and avoid getting too hot and sweaty during your workout.

Unlike some other see-through yoga pants, these come in sizes between medium and extra large instead of the one-size-fits-all model. According to the Amazon customer reviews, they fit as expected. The reviewers have given these yoga pants a 4.2 out of 5 stars out of 209 global ratings.

People sometimes pair these leggings with bike shorts for yoga class to help prevent seeing through certain areas of the pants, while also keeping their flexibility intact for yoga class. Reviewers say these are comfortable to wear, easy to put on, and they liked how they can show off their thong panties. Also, they seem to like how their significant others can’t keep their hands off them.

So, if any of that is what you’re looking for, these are the see-through yoga pants for you. They may not provide as much compression or stretch that you usually expect from conventional yoga pants, but these do have other purposes. 

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4. SweatyRocks Women’s Mesh Panel Side High Waist Leggings Skinny Workout Yoga Pants

Unlike the others on this list, the SweatyRocks Women’s Mesh Panel Side High Waist Leggings Skinny Workout Yoga Pants are only partially mesh and see-through yoga pants. Yes, those who are a little less daring, these are for you! Made from 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex, they are basically a version of polyester yoga pants with more stretch and comfort than convention polyester leggings. 

They come in all black, but some have a splash of color, a different mesh panel design, or have an animal pattern on them. The customer reviews say that they fit as expected, which means they are essentially true to size for most people. Since all people don’t fit into that category, they may fit differently on you.

The sizes range from extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. The mesh patterns come in geometric, lace, splits up the sides, unique mosaic splices, full-leg mesh, and even leopard-patterned designs in the mesh. They are very versatile and trendy.

You can pair these stylish mesh yoga pants with t-shirts, workout tops, crop tops, tanks, halter tops, sports bras, sneakers, athletic shoes, high heels, stilettos, skirts, shorts, boots, or whatever you like. They are so versatile that you can create any fashion look you want for virtually any occasion, from a sexy night at home to a fun girl’s night out.

Amazon customers have provided 1,718 reviews, of which 52% offered a 5-star rating. The overall rating comes to 3.8 out of 5 stars. These skinny workout yoga pants are casual, trendy, cute, slimming, soft, stretch, and comfortable. When people say, “It’s in the details,” these yoga pants fit that quote. 

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5. Romansong Women’s Mesh Leggings Yoga Pants with Pocket, Non See-Through Capri High Waisted Tummy Control 4 Way Stretch

The Romansong Women’s Mesh Leggings Yoga Pants with Pocket, Non See-Through Capri High Waisted Tummy Control 4 Way Stretch leggings are stylish, made in the USA, and soft. The reviews say it deserves 4.3 out of 5 stars among the 2,097 ratings provided. 

These pants are 77% Polyester and 23% Spandex with an elastic waist, which is also a pull-on style of pants. The sexy, see-through mesh panels offer a flattering geometric-style, crisscross design in black, blue, and navy colored capris. You will also see that they come in full-length leggings and bike shorts with the same design and sexy look, with even more fashion colors. 

The high-waisted detail offers tummy control, body-lengthening appearance, butt-lifting, breathable comfort all day long. The 4-way stretch feature makes them extra comfortable to wear. The support and coverage are excellent, and it also offers moisture-wicking fabric technology that keeps you cool when you workout. 

Paired with athletic tops like crop tops, moisture-wicking t-shirts, sports bras, sneakers, tennis shoes, heels, dressy tops, crop tops, booties, flip-flops, or whatever you wear them with, you can look trendy and stylish while keeping your cool and comfort level intact. 

Sizes start at extra-small and go up to extra-large. The Amazon customer reviews say that these fit as expected. Besides having a cool mesh design, these yoga pants also have hidden back zipper pockets where you can put your cash, credit cards, or cellphone. Customers use words like “obsessed,” “fit perfectly,” “super cute,” “comfortable,” “awesome,” and “highly recommended.”

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6. WE CUFFLLE Women’s Mesh High Waist Leggings Yoga Pants with Pockets Tummy Control 4 Way Stretch Workout Yoga Leggings

These WE CUFFLE Women’s Mesh High Waisted Leggings Yoga Pants with Pockets Tummy Control 4 Way Stretch Workout Yoga Leggings are made from 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex. These are pull-on pants and they have two side pockets to keep your hands free. Store your phone, credit cards, ATM card, ID card, or whatever you need to take with you in the pockets. 

You need to know that you must hand wash these leggings to keep them like-new. The fabric is very dense, but is also soft and has 4-way stretch that makes movement and mobility easy for whatever you do. They are also trendy with mesh cutouts that pair well with t-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, sports bras, and heels of any height. 

These are not just your average casual leggings. They are trendy yoga pants that look good with virtually any top or footwear you choose. Therefore, they can be worn for workouts, yoga, travel, outdoor activities, jogging, dancing, vacations, Pilates, and any other athletic activity. 

They are also cute enough to wear with a dressy top and a pair of stilettos if you like that style. The world is your oyster in these leggings. They have a snug, but not too tight fit that gives you support and security all day. 

Amazon customers call these leggings fun, super cute, very comfy, good quality, cool, and true to size. You only see-through the mesh cutouts since the rest of the yoga pants are opaque. They come in 7 colors for the full-length leggings, 5 colors for the bike shorts, and 5 colors in the capris. Basically, you get a lot of options. 

The sizes are extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

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7. SweatyRocks Women’s Floral Sheer Mesh Leggings Stretchy High Waist Pants

The SweatyRocks Women’s Floral Sheer Mesh Leggings Stretchy High Waist Pants are truly see-through yoga pants in the true sense of the meaning. They are lace designed, but see-through all the way to the top and bottom of the leggings. They are super sexy and super cute, depending on why you’re wearing them. 

They will pair well with panties, long t-shirts, skirts, tunics, dresses, or whatever you feel comfortable wearing with them. They are see-through, so obviously breathable enough for hot yoga and workouts. The construction of these yoga pants includes 95% Polyester, and 5% Spandex for super stretchy performance. 

These aren’t just yoga pants you can wear for working out and yoga, these make perfect tights to wear with dressy outfits because of the lace design. The others are cutout style mesh designs that are see-through from top to bottom as well. They also come in fishnet style designs for those special nights out. They come in black only, but in a couple of shades of black and other patterns. 

The size range is extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large, depending on which style and pair you choose. Customers claim these fit as expected, so they are mostly true to size. Customers have also given these pants 4.3 out of 5 stars by 431 customer ratings. 

These feature a high-waisted design for lengthening your body, stretchy fabric for ease of movement, lacy and geometric patterns, and they are great for wearing under just about anything. These yoga pants can take you through spring, summer, and fall. They are not recommended for winter wear, but if you’re wearing them under a winter outfit, you can pull that off.


You might be surprised to learn that leggings have a long and healthy history of being worn among men and women. In the 14th century, men were the first people to wear leggings. They were initially worn as two separate hip-height, boot-like garb. They were made from leather like chaps or chainmail for armor.

Eventually, the 14th century leggings evolved into tights, or thick garments worn by men during the Renaissance era. It wasn’t until the 19th century that women started wearing their own versions of leggings.

For instance, in the 1950s, women like Audrey Hepburn wore leggings. Joseph Shivers, a chemist, created the Lycra we now know that helped make stretchy leggings, or pants. In the 1960s, leggings were being embraced by designers and women of the era.

Actresses and singers like Debbie Reynolds and Ann-Margaret were seen wearing leggings in movies, shows, and even in their personal lives during the 1960s. During the 1970s, Olivia Newton-John, Jackie Collins, and Rod Stewart joined the ranks of leggings wearers.

The popularity of leggings and yoga pants has only grown since that time. In the 1980s, there was Madonna, Twiggy, and Cher wearing leggings. In the 1990s, Diahann Carroll and Cindy Crawford kept that fashion trend alive and kicking.

Since the 2000s, Rhianna, Lindsay Lohan, Nick Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Gigi, Russel Brand, Kendall Jenner, and Ashley Olsen have worn leggings and yoga pants. How else could these soft and comfy stretchy pants stay alive?

Even after centuries of popularity, leggings are still under scrutiny in the workplace and certain venues, according to Time Magazine. How, after all these years, are leggings and yoga pants not considered acceptable forms of apparel?

It might be understandable that one shouldn’t wear see-through yoga pants to work without covering up with the proper accessories and apparel, but what about regular, opaque leggings? Are they okay to wear anywhere and anytime?

When it comes to see-through mesh leggings and yoga pants, there are some precautions to take in regards to where you decide to wear them and with what. If you are at home and just want to look sexy or workout at home, that shouldn’t be a problem, right? Strut what you got in any of these see-through mesh leggings! Whether you wear them in public or in the privacy of your home, you’re sure to turn heads!

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