The Best Workout Gear for Beginners

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Key Points

  • Before taking on a workout plan, decide on your goals and commit to the program to guarantee results.

  • Gather the best workout gear for beginners to give yourself further success.

  • Check out the best fitness brands when buying large equipment options.

Joining a gym gives you access to weights, machines, and other exercise gear you need to get a good workout. However, gym life is intimidating. People have big muscles or spend hours on the treadmill, making you feel out of place. You may quit your new workout program before seeing results. To avoid this dilemma, many people work out at home. If home workouts are more feasible for your fitness journey, get the best workout gear for beginners to start exercising effectively in the comfort of your home.

As you craft your workout plan, follow these tips to give you creative exercise ideas, gather the best workout gear for beginners, and move toward better health.

Decide on Goals

Fitness writer for Self Ashley Mateo says, "It can take a long time to fine-tune your workout routine. Over time, you learn which exercises work best for you, how to create a routine that suits your goals, and — hopefully — you're constantly checking in on your form to prevent injuries."

Before starting any workout program, ask yourself what your goals are. Do you want to build muscle? Do you want to lose weight? How about a little of each? Setting specific goals helps you determine which exercises to focus on and which to skip. Keep in mind that goals change over time. Once you reach your goal weight, for example, you might set a goal to build more muscle mass.

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Make Time

Any workout takes time to complete. Determine how and when to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Plan to get up earlier in the morning. Exercise over your lunch hour. Wind down at night with some sweat. It's up to you to make time for the changes you want to see.

Start Slow

Don't assume you'll lose weight or build muscle overnight after you start your workout regimen. Start new exercises slowly and build up from there. Don't overwork your muscles; you might feel too tired to tackle the next day's session.

Commit to Your Chosen Program

Once you decide on your workout program, commit to it for a certain period. It takes time to break old habits (such as weighing yourself daily) and make new ones. Weigh yourself on day one, then wait a week or longer to weigh again. You'll see results, but it takes commitment and time.

Get the Best Workout Essentials

People work out at home now more than ever since gyms closed down a few years ago during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's convenient and allows you to work out at any time.

Finding the best workout gear is essential if you're just starting your home fitness journey. Consider the following fitness gear and workout items to complete your setup.

The Perfect Outfit

Knowing what kind of exercises you'll perform guides you toward the workout clothes you need, whether that's shorts for airflow or pants for colder weather.

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Most exercises bring your heart rate up and make you sweat. Wearing workout shorts keeps you as cool as possible throughout the workout. Try loose-fitting shorts that don't bunch up or fitted shorts that stay out of your way during exercises that require a lot of movement.


Do you like to run outside on chilly days? Does soft fabric on your legs make your yoga session even more relaxing? The perfect pair of workout pants helps you meet your fitness goals. Sweatpants are great for comfort and warmth, while yoga pants make exercises like stretching and strength training easier.

Moisture-Wicking Shirts

When you finish your workout, your sweat dries, making you feel chilly. You want workout shirts to keep the sweat and moisture away from your body. Look for moisture-wicking properties and breathability on any shirt you consider for exercise.

Sports Bra

Any medium to high-impact activity can be painful for women. The right sports bra provides the necessary support for any exercise.

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Shoes are essential for any workout session. You may not need them for yoga, but they support your feet and ankles when running on a treadmill, walking the stairs in your house, and even stepping on resistance bands. Choose shoes based on the type of workouts you plan to do.

The Perfect Gear

Now that you've set your goals and feel confident in your workout attire, consider which workout accessories are the best for meeting your personal milestones.

Exercise Bands

Resistance bands are elastic bands used for strength training. You often see them in physical therapy offices, but they make great home workout equipment. Get O bands, long bands, and figure eight bands with varying resistances, and efficiently carry out a full-body workout at home.

Strength training is valuable at any age, but maintaining muscle tone as you age is increasingly vital. Exercise bands target different muscle groups and build muscle. They're also portable and easy to pack in your bag when traveling.

Jump Rope

Something as simple as jumping rope gives you a good workout whenever you have a few extra minutes. Grab your child's jump rope from the garage or buy a brand-new one to keep on hand. Jumping rope gets your heart beating and endorphins flowing in no time.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat provides a comfortable, stable surface for various home exercises. For example, the soft material provides a cushion for your tailbone when doing sit-ups and is easy on your wrists when doing push-ups. It's always best to stretch before and after exercise; your yoga mat gives you the perfect space to do so.

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Gym Equipment

Invest in gym equipment if you enjoy specific exercises like bike riding or running. Set up a stationary bike to face the TV so you can ride while watching your favorite show in the evening. Get a treadmill and run or walk the miles away, depending on how you feel that day. If you enjoy being out on the water, get a rowing machine for a full-body workout.

Before buying any large equipment, ensure you like the exercises it allows. Test the equipment out in a fitness store. Measure the areas in your home where you plan to place the equipment to ensure you have enough space.

The Best Home Gym Brands

Purchasing home gym equipment gets you to commit to a workout plan. Buying large equipment is an investment, so letting it sit and gather dust is a waste!

Which treadmill, stationary bike, or other gym equipment brands are the best? Here are some high-quality options.


Peloton was on everyone's radar during the pandemic, and the company has continued its success ever since. Not only does the brand provide a variety of workout equipment, but it also has customized workout programs. You may not make it to the gym, but you have an instructor-guided workout available on any equipment you choose.

This perk lets you put a personal touch on your workout. You might find yourself pushing harder to keep up with the instructor. If you've never used a stationary bike or treadmill before, this kind of instruction optimizes your results.

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Bowflex is known for its full-body workout machine, but it also provides high-quality elliptical machines, treadmills, weight benches, and home gyms. The Bowflex app lets you track your reps, time limits, and other workout-related items to keep exercises simple.

Since the initial Bowflex machine hit the market in 1986, the company's reputation for quality has been steadfast and reliable.


Precor is a big name when it comes to fitness equipment. Though you'll find their machines in gyms, they're also perfect for your home gym. Their treadmills, ellipticals, stairclimbers, and stationary bikes come in various sizes and quality levels.

The Adaptive Motion Trainer is similar to an elliptical but allows you to adjust the incline and stride length. This targets different muscle groups and gives you a more dynamic and versatile cardio workout.

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Make Your Move

There's no time like the present to build a home workout plan. What are your workout goals? What exercises will you perform to reach those goals? Based on the answers, make a list of the best workout gear for beginners and get sweating!

Any workout you choose is beneficial for your overall health. The sooner you start, the sooner you see results.

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