The Best Boxing Gloves for Every Home Workout

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Boxing gloves are essential to every boxer’s workout. They provide crucial hand and wrist protection whether you’re doing bag work or working with a sparring partner. It’s necessary to find a glove that fits correctly and provides adequate protection. Padding, Wrist support, glove weight, and material all need to be considered when making your selection. 

Boxing enthusiasts in the market for a new pair of training gloves are met with a daunting task with the wide variety of boxing gloves available today. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing the proper boxing glove. Finding the perfect sturdy training glove to suit your home workout goals isn’t as daunting as it may seem. With boxing’s growth in popularity, both as a competitive sport and a typical home workout, more quality options are available. Whether you’re a well-seasoned boxer shopping for a heavier glove, or completely new to boxing and looking for a comfortable lightweight glove, it’s essential to choose the practical gear to meet your specific needs. If you’re aiming to fine-tune your bag work, or looking to increase your sparring skills, there’s an option for every boxing enthusiast. By narrowing the boxing glove market down to a few options based on durability, materials, and cost, you will find the best value for your budget and can begin working towards your training goals. 

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Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves 

Ranked #1 by Sports Illustrated, these popular training gloves offer versatility in your workout. Appropriate for bag work and sparring, these gloves are an excellent choice for a variety of activities. The Everlast glove offers a great entry-level option that is best suited for beginner-level boxers. 

Quality and Durability of Everest Pro Style Gloves

Constructed with synthetic leather and a large surface area of inner mesh lining, this training glove offers durability and breathability. The velcro strap provides an adjustable fit and the glove is comfortable from the start, with no need for major breaking in. The thumb strap is unique to the Everlast Brand, providing added security to the glove fit. Everlast pro-style gloves offer different weight variations from 8 to 16 ounces. The gloves are fastened by a lightweight velcro strap making them easy to get on and off. 

Everlast Gloves Cost

The most appealing factor for the Everlast gloves is the low price point. Retailing between $23.59 and $55.90, depending on size, Everlast offers a sturdy glove that won’t break the bank. The manufacturer warranty Everlast provides with purchase is a bonus to the overall cost of the glove. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced glove that will remain intact Everlast training gloves are a great option. 

Pros and Cons of Everest Training Gloves

This training glove offers a comfortable fit, at an affordable price point. These gloves are a great option for boxers newly getting into bag training. These gloves score highly on breathability and comfortability. The extended mesh feature on the inner palm area will keep your hands cooler and dryer while sparring. While the added breathability of the gloves is great for comfortability during workouts and odor control, the large mesh area will be considered a downside to some since less protection is provided. What you gain in breathability on the palms, you lose in protection. This won’t be a deal-breaker to the average newbie but to anyone looking to do intensive sparring or heavy bag training, the vulnerability in the inside of the glove may be a deal-breaker. The other downside to these gloves is the integrity of the strap. The velcro strap doesn’t wrap around the entire wrist, allowing for more wrist movement and more vulnerability to injury. 

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Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves

If you’re looking for a high-quality glove with a comfortable fit Sanabul Gloves provides a great option. Tested by professional boxers, Tony Jeffries and Michael Bisping to name a few, these gloves come highly recommended. Sanabul is a great option with an affordable price point and a broad range of color options available. This sleek and practical glove design offers a great option for beginner to intermediate level boxers wanting to improve their bag work.

Quality and Durability of Sanabul Gloves

Synthetic leather, mesh lining, and gel padding make Sanabul training gloves comfortable and practical. The surface area of the mesh lining is just large enough to provide breathability while maintaining structure and support to the inner part of the glove. The gel infusion provides protection, absorbing the brunt of the impact while you get your bag work in. The straps can be secured tightly around the wrist, maintaining a decent support and protection from wrist injuries for moderate workouts. The engineered leather allows for extended durability for heavy bag work. 

Cost of Sanabul Boxing Gloves

Although this glove is considered entry-level, it packs quite the punch for its price point. Retailing at $45.99 at full price and $29.99 on sale, these Sanabul Gloves are a great entry-level purchase for those wanting to break into boxing. The gloves are often offered at an even lower sale price on the official Sanabul website. If you are looking for professional quality for an affordable price Sanabul training gloves are a great option. 

Pros and Cons of Sanabul Gloves 

The Sanabul training gloves offer a professional-level bag glove at a low price point. This glove is considered entry-level but provides much more than the average beginner glove. A major selling point for this glove is its wearability and comfortability. Requiring little to no breaking in, Sanabul allows customers to get right to training. The added protection from the gel-infused foam provides maximum padding for your knuckles. The wrist support may not be sufficient for more seasoned boxers or those wanting to get into sparring. However, the average athlete boxing at a beginner to intermediate level will be comfortable with the fit. It’s a great option for those working on their bag work. 

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves

If you are looking for a supportive glove with heavy padding, Liberlupus is a great brand. Offering a variety of products ranging from boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts, this glove is an ideal option for a beginner looking to get into a variety of workout options. Liberlupus has honed in on perfecting boxing gloves for beginner-level athletes. If comfortable wear and secure fit are your priorities, these gloves are worth checking out. This brand offers flexibility within your workout if you are looking to get into a few variations of boxing workouts. 

Quality and Durability of Liberlupus Training Gloves 

Liberlupus offers a durable product with PU leather designed for extended use, highly resistant to tearing or cracking. This material is also easily cleaned just by using warm water and a towel. These gloves feature 3 layers of protection for ultimate shock absorption. The innermost layer is a soft material and includes a mesh lining allowing for maximum comfort during your workout. A grip bar is included in the design making this glove great for maintaining proper form while training. The glove is available in black or gold and comes in 4 different sizes. The Liberlupus glove features a large wrap-around strap with maximum protection and wrist support. Your wrists and knuckles will thank you for choosing this glove. 

Cost of Liberlupus Gloves

The price of this glove ranges from $27.99 to $30.99. The expense is pretty standard compared to other entry-level bag gloves. The selling points of these training gloves make them a competitive option compared to others on the market. 

Pros and Cons of Liberlupus Training Gloves

The added wrist support the Liberlupus gloves offer is a major upside. Those looking to improve their boxing skills will be pleased with the large wrist wrap’s extra security. The Grip bar is a bonus for those wanting to maintain proper form during their at-home workouts. 

Few cons need to be mentioned for the Liberlupus Gloves. One drawback of these gloves is that they are not the most suitable option for sparring. There are also fewer color options available for this brand than competitors, however, the 2 styles are attractive and well designed. 

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Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Another Everlast glove that must be mentioned is their Pro Style Training gloves. These gloves offer a straightforward, breathable design for a competitive price point. Designed for sparring, bag work, and mitt work, these gloves offer a great entry-level option for those new to boxing. This glove was created specifically for women and is designed to provide the ideal fit for female boxers. Available in pink, these sleek gloves make a statement. These gloves are available in a 12 oz size and are suitable for boxers around 140 lbs. This Everlast Glove is designed to encourage proper form during various boxing maneuvers, making it ideal for beginners wanting to maintain correct form. The comfy fit makes these a great option for beginners.

Quality and Durability of Everlast Elite Pro Style Gloves

Made with high-quality manufactured leather, these gloves are designed to be durable even through bag workouts. The padding consists of closed-cell foam providing a great deal of cushion and protection. Like the Everlast pro-style gloves, the inner palm area is fully meshed, allowing for breathability and minimal sweating. The hook and closure style strap ensures wrist stability and security. What sets this glove apart is that it is specifically designed for women giving the optimal fit for smaller hands. These gloves are available in a 12 oz size and are ideal for boxers around 140 pounds. They come in a sleek pink color and a classic design. 

Everlast Pro Gloves Cost 

The Everlast Elite Pro sells for $31.12 on amazon. A smaller size is available on the Everlast website for $54.99. The competitive price point of this Everlast glove is great for women who want to get into bag training. 

Everlast Pro Training Gloves Pros and Cons

Offering a great entry-level price point, this glove offers a great option for those just getting started and who do not need a professional-level boxing glove. Another major upside to this model Everlast glove is its comfortability. The large mesh portion on the glove provides breathability and comfort. However, the large mesh feature on the Everlast glove may be a downside to some as the lack of protection will leave this part of your hand vulnerable during intensive sparring. This will not be a deal-breaker to those aiming to focus on entry-level to intermediate bag work. Another downside to the design of this glove is the material used in the wrist strap. The elastic wrist band may stretch over time allowing for unwanted wrist movement and potential injury. The strap doesn’t wrap fully around the glove leaving the wrist more vulnerable than completing brands. The padding, however, is sufficient for light bag work, and kickboxing even though it’s not great for intensive bag work or sparring. 

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

If you are looking for a high-quality glove with all the bells and whistles the Hayabusa T3 boxing glove is a great find. Featuring a synthetic leather build and cooling interior fabric this glove offers a competitive level of protection and comfort. This glove comes in 15 different colors and 5 different sizes, providing a great option for any boxer. If you’re looking for a heavier glove Hayabusa is a great place to look. The Hayabusa T3 glove is great for both bag work as well as sparring however Hayabusa recommends a size 14 oz or up if you’re looking specifically for a sparring glove or a glove for partner drills. This glove outperforms its competitors in protection and support. If you want to make a more serious investment in your workout routine, these are worth a try. 

Quality and Durability of T3 Boxing Gloves

Made from durable synthetic leather and premium foam, the Hayabusa T3 glove offers protection. The padding consists of 5 layers of foam easily outperforming competitors in impact protection. The Hayabusa design features an unmatched level of wrist support compared to other mid-level options. Built-in wrist splints and an adjustable dual wrist strap allow for adjustment and security in the fit of this glove. The strap also features a hook and loop closure keeping your wrist secure during workouts. The overall style of this glove is pleasing to the eye and the craftsmanship is on another level. Details on the outer stitching and the variation of colors available make Hayabusa a stylish choice. 

Hayabusa Gloves Cost 

The Hayabusa T3 training glove retails at $159.00, making it the most expensive option. While the price is steep compared to many entry-level gloves like Everlast, it has much more to offer in its features. Compared to similar higher-end brands on the market like Winning Gloves, which retail at $395.00, this glove is a great buy. Hayabusa offers an extensive return policy, allowing customers to return gloves within 90 days of purchase. So if you decide the glove is not a good fit for your workout, you won’t be at a loss. In this case, you indeed get what you pay for and this is a high-quality glove. 

Pros and Cons of Hayabusa Boxing Gloves

The major selling point for The Hayabusa T3 boxing glove is the wrist support. What this glove offers in wrist protection is unmatched. The sturdy wrap-around strap keeps your wrist secure during all maneuvers and the reinforcement provided by the splinting system technology is unmatched. The Hayabusa boxing glove is an excellent choice for those recovering from a wrist injury or those needing extra wrist support. The level of padding provided in these training gloves offers a great deal of hand protection during impact. The 5 layers of foam easily outperform most entry-level boxing gloves which usually only have a few layers. The wrist support and hand protection make the Hayabusa glove a strong candidate for heavy bag work and sparring. Your sparring partner will thank you for the extra cushion this glove provides. The downside to this glove is hands down the price. It’s much cheaper than professional boxing gloves but it’s a larger investment than the entry-level boxing gloves available on the market. While this is not quite a professional boxing glove, it’s about as close as possible for this price point. If you’re serious about leveling up your training and boxing gear, the $159.00 price tag will be worth it.

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