Hiring a Personal Fitness Trainer: Is It Worth It?

Key Points

  • Personal fitness trainers typically work one-on-one with clients to improve their body composition, physical health, and appearance.

  • Personal fitness trainers charge between $30 – $100 an hour, but the benefits are priceless.

  • Great personal trainers have certifications, extensive knowledge, and practical skills to work with you in setting and reaching fitness goals.

You've finally decided to change your body and change your life. You've bought new leggings and shoes. You've told all your friends this is the year you get your body back, so it's too late to back out now. The only thing left to do is find the perfect personal trainer to kick your butt into shape. Choosing to get healthier is the most challenging part! Hiring a personal fitness trainer expedites the process.

It's scary going to the gym, let alone working out in front of others. It's even worse when working with someone one-on-one – especially if you don't see an ounce of fat on their ripped body. Fear, unfamiliarity, cost, and self-consciousness hold people back every day from hiring a personal fitness trainer. Don’t be that person. Get the information you need to make the best decision for your own fitness journey. 

Working with a personal fitness trainer

What Is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer provides advice and education on exercise, fitness, and the basics of nutrition. Personal trainers work with clients to help them reach fitness goals. With the rise of fitness influencers online, personal trainers are often confused with fitness coaches.

Personal Trainer vs. Fitness Coach

Personal trainers assist you with specific fitness goals. Fitness coaches take a broader approach. Their training involves physical, emotional, and mental health. Personal trainers emphasize physical improvements, while fitness coaches specialize in improving mental and emotional well-being.

Your goals determine whether or not you work with a personal trainer or fitness coach. If you're looking for a more holistic improvement, a fitness coach is probably the way to go. Personal trainers are best for getting you into better physical shape asap.

Learn the great qualities of a personal trainer, so you know what to look for when hiring.

Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer

A personal trainer does more than help you lose weight. Much like the aforementioned fitness coach, a solid personal trainer will also motivate, teach, and encourage you to make positive changes in your life. An exceptional personal trainer combines knowledge of fitness with interpersonal and motivational skills.

An excellent personal trainer:

  • Knows human anatomy, exercise science, current research trends, and simple nutrition

  • Performs fitness health screenings before, during, and after an exercise program to measure progress

  • Designs personalized exercise programs for clients

  • Ensures exercises conducted are safe, effective, and ageappropriate

  • Understands cardiovascular health, muscle-building exercises, balance, and flexibility

  • Focuses on professional and personal integrity

  • Supports and motivates clients

  • Maintains an active and appropriate certification

Girl working out with personal trainer

A great personal trainer effectively guides you through an exercise program while teaching the basics of keeping your fitness levels high. Working with a personal trainer means you look better, feel better, and gain valuable knowledge on maintaining your success.

Hesitancy of Getting a Trainer

It's perfectly normal to feel concerned when starting something new – especially if it costs money. If you're worrying about getting a trainer, take comfort in knowing you're not alone! Many people are hesitant to work with a personal fitness trainer for a number of reasons, including fear, unfamiliarity, cost, and feelings of self-consciousness.


Working with a personal trainer is like enjoying a new roller coaster: You're excited but still a bit scared of what could happen. Some thrive with this fear, while others shy from it. Working with a personal trainer also requires a level of vulnerability that often feels intimidating.

People often avoid hiring a personal trainer due to fear of getting hurt, failing, and committing — or even just pure embarrassment about being out of shape. Exercise is physically challenging, and it's easy to get hurt. Fear of failing comes from the thought that you cannot perform a particular exercise or lift a set amount of weight.

While these fears are common and legitimate, they shouldn't hold you back from becoming your best self. Fear is simply the thought of what could happen. There's nothing definite about fear. Guess what? You control your fear. When you're scared, you're only holding yourself back. Practice embracing the unknown.


Being unfamiliar with fitness, exercise, nutrition, and gym equipment is intimidating when you first encounter a personal trainer. You won't know what to do or how to be successful. You feel that you're drowning in gym anxiety.

It's easy to overestimate your abilities when you're unfamiliar with exercise. You may be able to lift 100 pounds outside of the gym, but a 100-pound deadlift with the correct form is a lot more difficult.

Some need to become more familiar with how to challenge themselves. They must determine how to get motivated, create a plan, and achieve the desired results.


The cost of a personal trainer varies greatly. Some trainers charge by the hour, while others charge by the class or program. Personal trainers may set different prices for their services or create relationships with gyms to offer their skills as part of the membership.

Expect to pay between $30 and $100 an hour. Location, length of the program, and time spent all factor into the price of a personal trainer. It's best to determine your budget before hiring a trainer.

Personal fitness trainer assisting client

Some gyms offer free first-time sessions or visits and the option to come with a friend on a buddy pass. Hire a Zumba instructor for a dance workout and split the cost with friends. Get creative and use personal equipment or the gym at your apartment complex.

Is there a price tag on excellent health? Hiring a personal trainer saves hundreds in medical bills down the road. You're also more productive in your life. What you lose in financial means, you gain in physical and mental health.


It's common to feel self-conscious in the gym. Those new to the gym often wonder if someone's watching them, making fun of how they run, or laughing at their shorts. Some are hesitant to hire a personal trainer because they're afraid of embarrassment, rejection, mocking, and failure.

Being surrounded by people who look as though they've just stepped out of a magazine makes it easy to slip into self-conscious thoughts. It's hard to focus on a workout when you're consumed with feeling self-conscious. Try wearing a cute gym set or going at hours that are less busy to boost your confidence. If you can enlist a buddy to join you, that can also cut your fear down. 

Benefits of Getting a Personal Fitness Trainer

There are tons of benefits to hiring a personal trainer. Understanding what personal trainers do gives you a better idea of what to look for when hiring one.

The results of working with a personal fitness trainer are extensive. Consider the following benefits:

  • You receive education on your body, exercise, essential nutrition, and setting and reaching goals.

  • Motivation is a huge part of exercise. Personal trainers know what to say and do to motivate you. They know the questions to ask to ignite your passion for accomplishment. They encourage you to believe in yourself and finish the program.

  • A personal trainer conducts a fitness assessment before creating the program. They use your goals, body measurements, and fitness assessment to develop a plan that's precisely what you need. You won't get the same specialization from a YouTube video.

  • Personal trainers are experts in their areas. They know how to choose exercises and progress intensity, so you maximize results.

    Man with personal fitness trainer

  • You are more flexible after working with a trainer. Increased flexibility decreases the chances of injury and improves the effectiveness of your workouts.

  • You're going to look and feel great. Over time, you'll develop a new confidence you didn't know you possessed!

The Australian Institute of Fitness believes "a personal trainer is essential to achieving your fitness goals, whether they be weight loss-based, sports-driven or for athletic purposes." The benefits are enticing, but it's normal to wonder whether a personal trainer is worth the price.

Is It Worth Paying for a Personal Trainer?

Absolutely! If you reach your goals and have fun, you've found a great trainer and often a new friend! Be mindful, though, that you may discover one that makes you angry about swiping your credit card. 

When you buy time with a personal trainer, you invest in your health. You're gaining knowledge to live longer, healthier, and happier. The health improvements that come from exercising are priceless. Don't forget the self-confidence that makes you wink at yourself in the mirror!

Where To Find a Personal Trainer

The best places to find a personal trainer are in gyms, fitness clubs, and even online. Some even offer the option to come directly to your home. Some gym memberships include personal training, while others may charge extra for the service. It's crucial to find the personal fitness trainer that's right for you.

Ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Working alongside a personal trainer who has trained with someone you know creates rapport which builds a strong relationship. A strong relationship often means you'll see even better results.

Connecting With Your Trainer

Creating a relationship with your trainer makes the experience significantly more enjoyable. You're more likely to try new things when you're comfortable around them. You reach new heights you haven't before. You discover talents you didn't know you had.

Connect with your trainer by staying after a training session or coming early for a conversation. Finding out more about them makes you closer. A strong relationship with your trainer makes your workouts easier and more effective.

A strong client-trainer relationship fosters trust. The client must trust that the trainer knows what's best and follows their advice. The trainer must trust the client to show up and give their all.

Working out with help of personal fitness trainer

Becoming a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer guides you through movements you may not have done before. Personal trainers become certified to teach you how to perform these movements without causing injury.

There are no national or state regulations for personal trainer requirements. However, getting certified improves job selection, clientele, and education. The National Academy of Sports Medicine offers classes and information on becoming a personal trainer. To be a certified personal trainer, you must pass a course on basic anatomy, exercise science, and nutrition.

Skills of Certified Personal Trainers

Completing a certification exam to be a personal trainer is a great goal. Certification exams cover several topics ranging from naming the muscles to determining which exercise is best for increasing strength.

To be a successful personal trainer, you must know basic information on how to tone and increase the size of muscles.

Muscle Improvement

A good personal trainer knows the basics of muscle improvement. Cardio exercises are best for toning the body. Cardio elongates the muscles and creates lines of definition. Exercises that consist of short bursts of muscle contractions make muscles larger. Strength and stamina increase over time with progressive loading.


Understanding biology helps tremendously when trying to change your body. Carbohydrates store deep in the muscles as glycogen. Glycogen is a group of glucose (also known as sugar) cells broken down to provide muscle energy. When exercising, muscles need the power to perform the activity.

The body breaks down glycogen and fat for energy. Fat loss happens when the body burns fat to create muscle energy. Train the body to use fat for energy instead of glycogen to increase the rate of fat loss. Excessive glucose stores itself as fat instead of glycogen, leading to weight gain.


The body needs energy. It uses carbs for energy, so it's important to include the right types of carbs in your diet.

However, too many carbs start to store as fat. Even if you hate sugar and avoid it like the plague, you still increase fat storage when eating too many carbs from things like bread, wheat, and pasta.

Incorporate healthy carbs from sources such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans.

Assistance from personal trainer

Relax: It's Going To Be Great

You're not sure if you're nervous or excited about getting a trainer. You might still be on the fence. One thing's for sure: Personal trainers are an excellent way to improve your life, health, and well-being. Personal trainers set themselves apart by acquiring certifications. Look for a personal trainer with experience and references, as well as someone you vibe with.

What are you waiting for? Imagine the life you get when you decide to be better. Whether you're hiring a personal trainer to aid you in physically, mentally, or emotionally improving yourself, starting the journey towards a better you has the power to change your life.

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