Exercise Hairballs or Non-Slip Fitness Headbands?

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Key Points

  • Working out with hair in your face is a nuisance, but non-slip fitness headbands help.

  • Various fitness headband materials create a non-slip option to aid your exercise routine.

  • There's a non-slip fitness headband for every sport, hair type, and person.

Hair is terrific — as long as it stays where it belongs.

Consider, for example, going out to eat at your favorite restaurant. You’ve waited all week to order your favorite food, which looks as good as it smells when it arrives at your table. You lift your fork to dig in, and then you see it.

A hair!

Is it yours? The cook’s? The server’s? It doesn’t matter. It’s gross! Hair isn't something you want to eat — ever. That includes when you work out. And that's where non-slip fitness headbands are a big help.

You know you need to work out, but exercise usually means sweating. While that isn't bad and feels quite good sometimes, it is a pain if you sport certain hairstyles or have flyaway hair. Either your hair sticks to your face and becomes a nuisance or enters your mouth. Furthermore, you already know you don't want to eat anyone's hair, even your own. Enter the non-slip fitness headband.

A couple runs along the beach

It would be great to stay in form without working out, but that's just not how the body works. Even if you can stay at a healthy weight, working out benefits your health in various areas. Parkview Heart Institute exercise specialist Kirsten Moravec recommends exercise to prevent high blood pressure: "A very natural and easy way to lower your blood pressure is through a free and fun tactic–regular exercise. Working out stresses the muscles in a positive way and makes them stronger. Your heart, which is also a muscle, is no different."  Exercise also helps you sleep better, avoid depression, feel more robust, and avoid other health complications.

A non-slip fitness headband is an inexpensive tool that helps keep you focused on improving your health. 

Non-Slip Fitness Headband Candidates

Everyone has their go-to workout hairstyle. However, the workout you choose and the hairstyle you wear may fight against one another.

Here are a few hairstyles that could benefit from a non-slip fitness headband:

Women with Bangs

While you may appreciate the modern style your bangs bring to the table, it's an entirely different story when you work out. Your bangs don't look good after flopping around on your forehead, and they stick to your skin, making you feel even hotter than before — and not in a good way. 

A non-slip fitness headband helps you to hold your bangs back out of the way. Shower after your workout and style them as usual. No more bangs clumping together with dried sweat. 

Women with Ponytail Strays

Taking advantage of this effortless style during your workout is convenient if your hair is long enough to pull back into a ponytail or bun. It’s not a perfect solution, however. Many women have issues with strands that escape rubber bands — especially when running, in the wind, or participating in aerobics. 

You might also have strands of hair around your face that quickly fall out of any ponytail you create, no matter how tightly you tie it up. The non-slip fitness headband keeps those strays in order and out of your way during any workout.

Woman wearing headband lifts weights

Women with Shorter Hair

When your hair is chin-length or shorter, ponytails are not an option. Your hair sticks to your face the moment you start sweating, and it stays there for the duration of your workout. Forget about trying to pin up pieces here and there with dozens of bobby pins — that looks rather odd.

Instead, invest in a quality, non-slip fitness headband. All your hair stays up and out of the way, and it's a stylish way to go.

Men with Floppy Hair

Just like women, men have a variety of hair options. If they sport shaved heads, there are no issues. They work out without concern if they have short hair that doesn't cover their foreheads. However, some men must deal with hair that flops over their foreheads or strands that escape from their man bun. 

These stylish men benefit from a non-slip fitness headband to focus on the workout rather than the hair flopping in their faces.

Headbands Materials That Don't Slip

If you fall into one of the above categories, the next item of business is to find a headband that does not slip. This is easier said than done. Much depends on your hair's texture and the headband’s material. Here are a few options to look for when you're shopping for this invaluable fitness tool.

Spandex, Nylon, or Polyester

Headbands made of spandex, nylon, or polyester have some stretch. New headbands fit tightly around your head and stretch to keep your hair back. That stretch helps keep them in place during your entire workout, preventing that annoying feeling of the band sliding back on your head. 

Whether you run miles, lift weights, or do yoga, the proper materials keep the band — and your hair — in place.

Woman wearing headband adjusts ponytail

Rubber Backing

Many fitness headbands circle your head entirely, but there are also standard headbands that look like a horseshoe. Whichever you prefer, look at the material and see if the inside of the headband has a rubber backing. 

The rubber backing gets caught in some hair types, but it helps keep the headband in place for most people. The rubber clings to the hair, preventing the headband from sliding back even during a rigorous workout.


Velvet is a luxurious material that grips hair softly. This stylish option keeps your headband in place throughout your entire workout. It looks classy, too.


Moisture-wicking isn't material, per se, but it is a quality you may want to look for in your headband. The band keeps your hair out of the way but also keeps your hair as dry as possible when you sweat. 

Wearing a band that doesn't dry quickly and is slow to release moisture makes you hotter. It can keep your hair sweaty, damp, and frizzy. It also gives you a chill when the workout is over, and the sweat dries against your skin.

Woman wearing headband goes for a morning workout

Prevent Headband Slippage

If you want to keep your hair out of your face, and a headband is your go-to choice, you must ensure the band stays in place and doesn't end up sliding off the back of your head. In those cases, you would spend your workout worrying about the headband and your hair, right? 

Here are a few tips that help you keep that headband where it belongs:

Pin it

Once you put your headband on, grab a few bobby pins and secure the band to your hair. It only takes a few extra seconds and gives you the security you want for your workout.

Use Hairspray

It seems a little strange to hairspray your hair before a workout. It's going to get messed up anyway, right? In this case, the hairspray keeps your band in place.

Once you complete the workout, shower to remove the spray, sweat, and everything else from your hair.

Get A Non-Slip Fitness Headband

Finding a non-slip headband that stays in place without any other steps is possible. It takes a small amount of time, trial and error, and research, but a suitable headband takes your workout to a new level — one where your hair is out of your face the whole time.

Best Non-Slip Headbands for Working Out

Scrolling through the internet and searching for the right non-slip fitness headband is fun, but do you have time for that? Don't you have a mile to run? A kickboxing class to attend? Weights to lift? A Zumba class to enjoy?

Instead, consider these categories and some of the best non-slip headbands available to help narrow your search:

Headbands for Men

The Pamase Non-Slip Silicone Adjustable Workout Headbands come in standard black and gray colors. They are ideal for running and other high-octane workouts. Their silicone materials keep the headband in place long-term and include moisture-wicking properties.

The Touch Headwear Men's Athletic Headbands are perfect for cycling and fit well under a helmet. These headbands come in 27 different colors and patterns to match any style. Their advanced sweat-wicking materials feature the patented Dryzone fabric. While the bands are lightweight and breathable, they also fit tightly against the head and stay where needed.

Woman wearing headband listens to music while working out on beach

Headbands for Fine Hair

Those with fine hair have unique challenges — especially when finding headbands that stay in their hair. The Frog SAC 2 Sports Headband has an adjustable band to fit any head. The stretchy elastic never slips and works well for soccer, yoga, and running. It comes in four colors to help fine-haired beauties find their fitness style.

Jesries Headbands for Women have unique Boho prints to help girls run, exercise, and stay active all day without worrying about the elastic band moving. If the style is essential to you, the prints on this line give you what you need while keeping your hair in place.

Headbands for Running

Men and women enjoy getting their miles in, and DASUTA workout headbands support your run with elastic, non-slip, and moisture-wicking features. They fit any head, from kids to adults. The different colors allow you to style based on your mood or the color of your shoes.

Lucky Go sells Super Absorband Sports Headbands that are non-slip and stretchy. No matter how much you sweat, these soft workout headbands keep you dry. They also keep your hair back and out of the way, whether playing tennis, soccer, running, or hiking.

Wide Headbands

If you want to cover as much of your head as possible or keep those little hairs out of the way, the Calbeing Classic Black Workout Headbands are moisture-wicking and sturdy. Their elastic materials grip your head, but don't give you a headache.

Headbands for a Hijab

The Messen Store has Spandex Hijab Under Caps that stay in place, even through a hard workout. These headbands feature a variety of colors and go under a hijab or in place of one during a sporting event.

Woman wearing headband works out at the gym

Getting Into Your Workout Groove

Love it or hate it, working out is part of a healthy lifestyle. Working out means moving around; your hair often gets in the way. This distracts and makes exercise unpleasant, causing some to quit working out. Luckily, there is a cheap and easy solution.

Solve your hair problems with a non-slip fitness headband. A good headband keeps the hair out of your face — secure and in place. Moisture-wicking properties keep you dry while you focus on your fitness. 

Most non-slip fitness headbands are inexpensive, so it’s easy to try a few brands to see what works best for you. If your gym style is important to you, many headbands have color and pattern options available to complement your look. Best yet, the right non-slip fitness headband will let you quit worrying about your hair and get moving!

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