Butt Dimples Explained

Butt Dimples

Butt dimples happen to be a pretty basic trait some people have, that has incidentally grown into a trend. These dimples are seen as desirable, sexy, and attractive. People want them even though they don’t mean anything when it comes to beauty or health. The simplest explanation of butt dimples is that they’re a basic indentation over a joint just above the butt. 

Some people mistake butt dimples for sacral dimples, but this medical condition is something entirely separate. Butt dimples often appear in twos, on either side of the spine, right above the buttocks. A sacral dimple is usually right above the crack of the buttocks, at the base of the spine, and only one is present, usually at birth. This can indicate problems with the spinal cord and is very different from butt dimples. 

A great explanation of the plainness of butt dimples, also called back dimples, is given by Cosmopolitan, who quoted Lloyd’s Pharmacy pharmacist Pareena Patel: “Back dimples are physical indentations of the joint on your lower back where your pelvis and spine meet. ‘They are created by the ligament that attaches your superior iliac spine and your skin,’ she explains.” This shows just how average butt dimples truly are. 

Butt dimples are a common trait among people, and like most cheek dimples and chin dimples, butt dimples are celebrated for being beautiful. Not everyone will have butt dimples, although the reason for this is unclear. Some people believe dimples to be passed through genetics, but very little research has been conducted to support this claim, and it’s arguable that butt dimples are simple concave marks located right above the sacroiliac joint, where the sacrum meets the pelvis. This common trait has amassed a world of rumors, conspiracies, and wonder as people treasure the butt dimples they have or try their best to get them!

Dimples of Venus

The first person reported having called butt dimples the “Dimples of Venus” was Michelangelo. Venus is the Roman name for the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, for whom these dimples are named. Butt dimples on men were called “Dimples of Apollo,” named for the Greek and Roman god of the sun who was known for his beauty. For centuries, men have decided what about female bodies makes them attractive and desirable. Only in recent history have women begun to take that power back. Now women decide that what is beautiful is up to each person; there are no rules to beauty and desirability. 

This doesn’t change the infatuation our culture has with butt dimples, though. Still, both men and women with butt dimples are seen as people with some form of sexual prowess. It’s strange how ideas of beauty and myths of sexual powers come out of old history, but it was likely Michelangelo who encouraged butt dimples to be appreciated as a more mainstream beauty in both women and men.

It’s undeniable that “Dimples of Venus” is a super cool way to refer to butt dimples. Still, this name reflects the idea that butt dimples hold some form of beauty that others cannot achieve. This is untrue, as butt dimples hold no significant meaning regarding beauty or health and are simply a genetic trait. Rumors spread that those with butt dimples were better at sex, orgasmed more often, and were healthier, along with other baseless lies.

This misinformation carries into today’s education, and with the lack of sex education in many school systems, old rumors and old wives’ tales continue to bounce around into the minds of young women and men. While it’s up to the individual to decide if butt dimples are attractive, it isn’t up to anyone to decide that butt dimples indicate anything about a person’s health. 

Can You Develop Them?

If you have butt dimples, you were born with them. You can’t develop butt dimples, although many online articles are trying to convince you that certain workouts can help you develop butt dimples. While some people may discover they have butt dimples when they maintain a slimmer weight, losing weight will not magically make butt dimples appear. In fact, weight loss will often emphasize butt dimples that were already present but will not facilitate their growth where none existed before.

Some people are so obsessed with this beauty symbol that they get surgery to have them. If you’ve never noticed butt dimples on your body, you will probably never get them. It’s healthy to just accept this fact, and to learn how to accept your body as beautiful without these dimples. 

Even though you can’t make yourself get butt dimples, you can make your butt and back more muscular. There are many workouts you can do to build a better butt and back, giving you a more toned and defined look. Focusing on actions you can take to get healthier is one of the best ways to build confidence in yourself and your body. 

Workouts to Build a Better Butt and Back

These workouts can help your muscles become more prominent in these areas, giving you a butt lift and defining your back, so you have a leaner and more toned physique. These exercises also slim back and butt fat as you can build muscle to replace fat in these muscle groups. 

Barbell Deadlift

barbell deadlift is one of the standard deadlift workouts many people try. Performing a barbell deadlift usually requires a gym membership unless you have a home set of barbells. You can also do this workout holding a kettlebell, dumbbell, or no weight.

To do a barbell deadlift, you should start standing behind your weight, so it’s lying on the floor in front of you. Move your feet so they are shoulder-width apart, and sit your hips back while you make a slight bend in your knees. You should also tighten your core and make sure your back stays flat while moving your torso forward slightly. 

When you move forward, you should reach to grab your barbell or weight and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the barbell. When you grab the weight, your palms should be facing toward your body. 

You’re now ready to lift, so you push your feet into the floor and stand up tall. You should make sure you pull your weight with you, keeping your arms near straight while bringing your hips forward. Squeeze your abs and glutes at the top of this movement. It’s important not to overextend your elbows; they should have a natural bend in them while you work your muscles to lift the weight. 

Slowly reverse these movements by bending your knees and pushing your butt back to lower the weight onto the floor. Remember to keep a flat back while performing this exercise. Once you’ve completed this, you’ve finished one barbell deadlift repetition. girl doing barbell lift


Some lower body exercises are overlooked far too often, clamshells being one of them. The clamshells workout is an excellent lower body exercise for the thighs, hips, and abs. Start this workout by lying down on your right side.

Bend your knees so they make a 90-degree angle, and bend your right elbow so you can rest your head on your right hand. You’ll need to do this exercise on a harder surface and should lie on a workout or yoga mat. 

Keep your spine in a neutral position and make sure your shoulders, hips, and angles all maintain a straight line together. These joints should be right on top of the other joint. It’s also vital to this workout that you keep your heels touching and your core stays locked and engaged during this workout.

Slowly lift your knee about 45 degrees up and pause at the top of the movement. Then, double check that your heels stay together. They should stay touching the entire time. Return your knee to the starting position in a slow controlled manner. After your knees are touching again, then you’ve completed one repetition. It would help if you worked to do 20 repetitions on each side while doing clamshells. While this workout is challenging at the start, you might need more of a challenge once you incorporate them into your regular workout routine. Then you can try to increase the sets and difficulty of the workout by adding resistance bands right above your knees or doing more repetitions. 

Hip Thrusts (or On a Ball)

One of the best combination workouts to work your back, hips, and butt is the hip thrust exercises. There are lots of different ways to do hip thrusts, and while you can do them flat on the floor, you can also do them with a workout ball which would provide more of a challenge on your entire back. 

To do a hip thrust on a yoga ball, start so your upper back and the head are on and above the yoga ball. You’ll want your shoulder blades to be pushing on the yoga ball, but in a way that the ball is secure and will not roll away from you. 

Once you’re sure you’ve got a handle, make sure you bend your knees and keep your feet about hip-width apart, with your butt lower on the ground. To do this movement, you will drive your heels into the ground, bracing your core and pushing your pelvis upwards into the air so you can squeeze your glutes at the top of the muscle movement. Your shins should be completely vertical at the top of the movement, and you should keep your torso parallel to the ground. Ensure your knees are kept at a 90-degree angle and avoid pushing your lower back, as this can injure or sprain you. 

Then, gently bring the weight back down to the starting position, and you’ve finished one repetition. It would be best if you aimed to complete eight to twelve reps and two to three sets. Also, if you wish to make the exercise more challenging, you can add a barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell to move harder. girl doing hipthrust

Bulgarian Split Squats

If you’ve ever practiced split squats, you know that Bulgarian split squats are challenging movements that prove to be great exercises. When you want to do a Bulgarian split squat, you should make sure you have a chair or bench near you and then stand two feet in front of you, facing away from it. You’re going to bend your left leg and put the top of your foot on the step or chair to get into the starting position.

From here, you should bend your right knee and lower your body as far as you can without dropping your chest, leaning forward, or looking down. Keeping your chest, face, and shoulders upright is very important to maintaining proper form and avoiding injury. 

Once you’ve dropped down as deep as you can, you should press down into your right heel and stand back up until you’re back at the starting position. This marks the end of one repetition, and you should repeat this exercise eight to twelve times for two to three sets for a good workout. girl doing split squat

Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are excellent ways to build stronger lower back and butt muscles. This workout can be done with weight or without one. All you need to do is take your feet and get into a traditional squatting stance. Make your feet shoulder-width apart and allow your toes to point forward. Then, take your right food and sidestep until your full stance is three to four feet wide. This will leave your stance wider than your hips, which is where you should try to stand as long as you can perform the exercise movement correctly. Otherwise, make your stance slimmer until you can accomplish this wider stance. 

Then, angle your toes out and away from your midline by about 45 degrees. You have to make sure your knees are still over your toes and move your hips back slightly, then bend your knees down so your body is lowered into a squat. Draw your tailbone in and straight down to the floor.

Keep your mind focused on moving in a slow and controlled motion. Your spine should remain neutral, and your core needs to be engaged, allowing your eyes to stay forward for the whole movement. 

Then lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor and pause in this position for a few seconds. Make sure you engage your glute muscles to get the most out of this exercise and press up to stand by driving power through your heels. You can do about three sets of this workout with about eight to twelve repetitions. woman doing sumo squat

Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is another workout that’s great for the back and butt muscles. The glute bridge is pretty similar to a hip thrust, except you will have your glutes above your shoulders. To do this workout, get into the starting position by lying with your back on the ground and your knees bent with your feet flat on the floor, allowing your arms to lay at your sides. 

You can use a dumbbell to hold across your hips to increase the difficulty of this workout, but if you’re new to glute bridges, you should stick to no weights. Ensure your feet are about 12 to 16 inches out from your butt. 

Then, press into your heels and brace your core simultaneously. Push your pelvis upward and squeeze your glutes to activate those muscles while making sure your glutes lift to form the bridge shape. 

At the height of this movement, your butt should be up in the air, and your shoulders and head and next should be on the ground. You can use your arms at your sides to help you balance at first, but you should try not to lift your head, neck, or chest since this can accidentally cause an injury. Hold the top of this movement for two seconds before lowering your hips back to the ground in a controlled motion to complete one repetition. glute bridge pose


Butt dimples are not something that can be achieved through weight loss or workouts. This kind of dimple is something people are born with, and it doesn’t make anyone healthier, more beautiful, or better at sex. While some people are so infatuated with butt dimples that they get plastic surgery to have them, it is not a sign of beauty or value. If you see articles saying you can do workouts to develop butt dimples, you’re being misled. Butt dimples are merely formations made over an absent joint, and no workout can help you develop this genetic feature.

You’re out of luck if you’re curious about getting fit to develop butt dimples. But changing this focus to wanting to be fit for the sake of your health is a much better and healthier outlook. The workouts above can help you start a great workout routine so that you can develop a strong back and a strong butt. 

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