Build Core Strength Fast With Core Ball Exercises

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A core ball is an excellent exercise tool for strengthening the core.

Typically made of soft elastic material, a core ball can range in diameter from 35 centimeters to 85 centimeters.

This fun exercise tool can be filled or deflated according to your desired level of pressure. Core balls come in a variety of different colors and sizes. The key to adjusting the air pressure is to unscrew the valve stem and fill the ball with air.

Below you will learn about the core ball and why it is essential to your flexibility and strength. You will also find core ball exercises that you can do alone or with a personal trainer to strengthen your core muscles. We also included the top 6 core balls available on the market today!woman on Exercise ball

What Is a Core Ball?

The exercise core ball is a round piece of soft, inflatable plastic in different sizes and colors. It’s used for strength training and balance exercises. From plank position to any other home workout, core ball exercises can help strengthen your core stability and abdominal muscles!

A core ball can activate key muscle groups throughout your body, which will help you build strength and improve balance.

The core ball is a versatile piece of equipment that can target many muscle groups. It can be used as part of your cardio workout or incorporated into other types of activities such as yoga or Pilates.

Many people use a core ball, or medicine ball, as a chair at their desk or table because it allows them to sit in multiple ways more supportive of their spine than traditional chairs.

A core ball can be used during various exercises, including planks, crunches, and the ever-difficult knee tuck. For example, when you’re on the floor with your knees bent at 90 degrees, put your feet on top of the ball instead of directly beneath you, so there’s less pressure on your lower back.

You can also use it for balance work and increase flexibility in your hips, shoulders, and hamstrings by doing hip rolls or standing side bends with one leg raised behind you on top of the core ball.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Stability Ball?

Stability balls add balance and leverage challenges to your workout. The inherent instability of a mini ball is constructive for core training exercises because your stabilizing muscles must work harder to keep you balanced.

They are similar to large exercise balls, and they are great for a variety of stability workouts. However, while you can do many exercises on a mini ball, they’re best suited for those with experience with such activities.

Core balls are great for people who work in non-traditional office environments. You can perform exercises anytime and anywhere that strengthen your core. For example, try laying on your belly with your knees bent and your arms resting on the sides of the ball. Maintain your head and shoulders, and ensure your elbows are in a T-position. Make sure your thumbs point up and hold this position for several seconds before releasing.Exercise Ball

How Do Core Balls Help Build Strength?

Your core, glutes, and arms are all engaged when working out with a stability ball. The core muscle group provides strength and stability while lifting heavier weights. This group also aids in dancing cardio. Core balls are both fun and great for building core strength.

A study found that older adults who used core balls increased their power in the core, glutes, and back. So the benefits of using these balls for strengthening your body are numerous. And the research is compelling.

There are numerous exercises you can perform with this exercise ball.

The first one involves lying on your back on a core ball. It would be best if you bent your legs at a 90-degree angle. The second one is to hold a stability ball between your hands and knee. Begin by bracing your core and lowering your right leg to six inches from the floor. Ensure that you go as low as possible. After completing a few reps, switch sides and repeat.

Another, you must brace your core muscles and bend your knees. Once on the stability ball, roll your legs and hips and raise your thighs off the floor. Hold the position for two seconds. This exercise is excellent for strengthening your hamstrings, glutes, and core. A stability ball can also help you keep your form and support your lower back.

The Best Core Balls To Buy Now!

Choosing the proper stability ball is essential to get the best workout. Depending on your height, you may need a larger or smaller ball. This is because the ball needs to fit correctly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to place your feet on it and won’t get the workout you want.

Choose a ball that is firm, but not too hard or soft, and easy to inflate and deflate. It should also be durable enough to support your weight and avoid deforming. You may also want to choose a ball with a sand filling.

When it comes to materials, you can find latex-free balls that have a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, you can also find PVC ones prone to tearing and have an unpleasant odor. However, if you are worried about durability, the latex-free balls are probably not for you.

URBNFit Exercise Ball

A URBNFit Exercise Ball is perfect for anyone looking for an effective and convenient way to do back-strengthening exercises.

An exercise ball is a convenient way to perform back strengthening exercises. This exercise ball is made from ultra-tough construction and provides a safe, high-grip surface for various back-strengthening activities. It is ideal for beginners and experienced users alike.

The ball comes in various sizes, and the non-slip surface helps prevent slipping. Its PVC material is durable, high quality, and won’t roll away when you aren’t using it. It comes in several colors and with a hand pump for inflation. If you’re unfamiliar with exercising with a fitness ball, this product comes with a manual.

The URBNFit Exercise Ball is available in ten colors and comes with a handheld pump. The large ball is suited for individuals of different weights and measures, and the small one is suitable for children.

Before using this ball ensure that it is fully inflated. Then, after pumping it up, place it on a flat surface and start working out. Aside from back-stretching benefits, the URBNFit Exercise Ball is also great for dealing with sciatica.

URBNFit Exercise Ball
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Trideer Yoga Ball

If you are searching for an exercise ball that will give you a full-body workout, consider the Trideer Yoga Ball. This versatile ball is great for Yoga and Pilates and can also be used for physiotherapy and gentle muscle building. In many cases, a gymnastics ball workout is enough to replace a trip to the gym.

This yoga ball comes in five colors: a pump and maintenance tools. It is excellent for core workouts but also suitable for back bending. Its inflated size allows you to achieve a full range of motion.

It can relieve back pain during pregnancy and help the delivery process. In addition, this yoga ball can help accelerate postnatal recovery.

The Trideer Yoga Ball has a non-slip surface and an anti-burst design. The ball is made of high-quality PVC material. It’s comfortable to exercise on, and the textured surface prevents slipping. When buying a yoga ball, remember to check the dimensions. This ball is 45 centimeters in diameter.

Trideer Yoga Ball
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Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Look no further if you’re looking for a backless Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. This chair was designed with work-life balance, providing all-day ergonomic support and a stronger core. Gaiam developed the Backless Gaiam Balance Ball Chair with chiropractor Dr. Randy Weinzoft.

The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is an excellent option for people who want to relieve the discomfort of aching back, arms, and legs. This chair is designed for individuals 5′ to 5’11” and provides a complete core workout.

It can also help people with back pain because it helps improve their posture. This chair is also adjustable and comes with an air pump. For maximum benefit, choose a size that will fit your height.

The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is an excellent option that also promotes better posture.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair
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Live Infinitely Exercise Ball (55cm-95cm)

The Live Infinite Exercise Ball has a robust, matte PVC and anti-slip surface. This durable ball holds up to 2200 pounds. It is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that you can use for various exercises, including pilates, yoga, and weight control.

This versatile exercise equipment is also an excellent option for office chairs, as it is large enough to accommodate a standard chair.

The Live Infinite Exercise Ball comes in a variety of colors and sizes. These balls can range from 55 cm to 95 cm in length. Selecting one that suits your height and build is a good idea. For example, opt for a 55cm ball if you are under five feet. If you are over six feet, go for the 95cm version.

Live Infinitely Exercise Ball (55cm-95cm)
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ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball – 9 Inch

The ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball 9″ is perfect for yoga and Pilates exercises. Pilates and yoga enthusiasts agree it’s the best option for working out without using expensive equipment and gym memberships.

Using it will help you tone your abs and strengthen your lower back, which is two of the best results of Pilates exercises. In addition, unlike other exercise balls, this one is lightweight and portable.

It’s made from high-quality PVC, making it easy to use and safe for your health. Its slightly textured surface is easy to grip, even when wet. It also has a durable anti-burst design. In addition, it comes with a foot pump for easy inflation.

ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball - 9 Inch
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Trideer Pilates Ball 9-Inch Core Ball

When planning to begin your Pilates workout, a Pilates ball is an essential accessory. But what makes a Pilates ball different from other types of balls? What makes this 9-inch ball different from others? The critical difference lies in its design. This Pilates ball is shaped differently than most other balls. It is designed to strengthen key muscles in your core while increasing your endurance and flexibility. In addition, this 9-inch Trideer Pilates Ball is great for rehabilitation strengthening, toning exercise programs, and relieving back pain.

This exercise ball is made of durable commercial-grade PVC. Because of its high density and resistance, it is an excellent choice for strength training or yoga, as well.

Trideer Pilates Ball 9-Inch Core Ball 
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The Best Core Ball Exercises To Build Strength

Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor, knees bent, and hips flexed, so you have a 90-degree angle between your thigh and lower leg. Pull one knee into your chest and roll onto that side until both shoulders are flat on the ground with no rotation in either direction (like when you lie down on an examination table). Hold for a few seconds, then return to starting position by rolling onto the other side and repeating the movement on that side. Repeat ten times per side before moving on to another exercise.

Ball passes are one of the most effective ways to simultaneously strengthen your core and upper body. To perform this exercise, lie on your back with your feet on top of an exercise ball. Then, roll the ball toward you until it touches your chest or stomach. Next, move it back toward your feet by extending your arms overhead. Repeat this movement for 10-15 repetitions at a time.

Ball knee tucks are another excellent exercise for simultaneously strengthening your abs and upper body. To perform this exercise, lie on your back with both knees bent 90 degrees and place an exercise ball between them as if it were a bench press barbell (this will be on top of your thighs). Next, hold onto something sturdy like a chair or table leg while lifting both legs off the ground simultaneously (keeping them straight) and then lowering them back down slowly until they rest on top of the floor.

Crunch variations include traditional crunches, oblique, reverse crunches, and more. Russian twists target your obliques (the muscles on the side of your torso) and strengthen your abdominals. Stability ball plank variations target the entire body, especially the abs, and lower back muscles.

The Benefits of Using a Core Ball

When doing any of these exercises, it’s vital to keep the correct form the entire time. Take a break if you’re getting so worn out that you cannot keep your form. Guaranteeing the proper form will help preserve your body and help make sure there are no injuries.

First, it helps you maintain better posture, making you walk and sit taller. The exercise ball can help you develop good posture because it works all your back and front muscles as it forces you to maintain your balance while sitting on the ball.  Performing exercises while sitting on the exercise ball will also strengthen your lower back developing better posture and coordination.

Secondly, good posture will make your spine more flexible and robust. This is especially useful if you spend most of your time sitting at a desk. And finally, you can also use the stability ball to facilitate more significant movements and improve overall flexibility.woman working out with core ball

Final Thoughts on Core Balls

If you want to make the most of your time with a core ball, it is important to know which exercises are most effective for reaching your fitness goals. It is equally important to learn how to perform them correctly for safety and the best results.

A core ball is an excellent tool for your exercise routine. It allows you to perform many challenging and beneficial exercises without other traditional exercise equipment or having to go to the gym.

Core balls are great for building strength and balance. They can also help prevent injury by strengthening your abs, back, hips, and glutes.

Core balls are excellent additions to any home-gym. Not only are they great for building balance, a core ball can help you prevent injury by strengthening your core muscles: the abs, back, hips and glutes. They’re also great for toning muscles and providing a full-body workout! So, what are you waiting for? Pick the perfect core ball for you and start getting in tip-top shape!

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