9 Things to Consider Before Buying the Liteboxer Bundle

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle Explained

While fitness apps and online fitness equipment aren't new things anymore, new companies continue to crop up in the fitness world. Peloton is perhaps the most famous name for at-home workout equipment and subscriptions. The Liteboxer fitness bundle is incredibly similar. It starts with the Liteboxer workout stand, which comes in a few different varieties we will touch on later, and a membership to the Liteboxer app. When users first buy their machine, they get a free 30-day trial just in case they aren't satisfied with the product. 

While an at-home boxing facility sounds super cool in theory, it can be difficult to achieve. Many things need to work together in order to make this experience worthwhile, such as finding the proper place for such a substantial machine in your home. The Liteboxer website says, "Liteboxer is the first-of-its-kind connected fitness platform for the home that provides an engaging and unbeatable full-body boxing workout by combining advanced Rhythm Technology™, music, and expert training in one platform." This statement makes it seem like the Liteboxer bundle is groundbreaking but doesn't seem to hold up when the reviews come in. Many reviews have negative comments about the workout bundle's technological features. Many others who have purchased the Liteboxer bundle are thoroughly impressed with it, but a few things should be considered before you commit to such an expensive machine. 

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Price & Subscription

The Liteboxer fitness bundle is no small buy and costs a whopping $1,295 or $36/month for the equipment alone. The membership includes another $29.99 monthly payment. Although this equipment is extra costly, some people find the Liteboxer fitness bundle worth the money.

These prices can increase because you need an up-to-date iPhone, iPad, or Android to use the Liteboxer app. However, this price does include much of the equipment required to work out on this machine. When you purchase a Liteboxer Bundle, most of the costs are upfront but keep in mind that using the app is a monthly subscription. This means that after spending over a grand on the equipment, just one year of the paid membership will cost almost $360. 


When you purchase the Liteboxer fitness bundle, a few different items are combined and sent to the buyer. This includes a Liteshield, floor stand, glove, wraps, a 1-month membership, and free shipping that the Liteboxer website says could cost $250 if it weren't free.

On the positive side, this costly equipment comes with a worry-free 30-day guarantee, meaning if you have this tool for 30 days or less and aren't completely satisfied, you can send it back for a refund on your entire order. 

The assembled weight for the floor-stand fitness bundle is about 150 pounds, and the buyer must set it up. This company doesn't offer white glove delivery or setup but provides the buyer with a video tutorial and detailed written instructions on assembly. In addition to the actual workout equipment, the Liteboxer bundle comes with soft and chic Bluetooth headsets, a monitor, a USB charger, and a Bluetooth speaker. 

Rather than a video game company, a fitness company designed the actual workout app. This means real experts provided the training. Despite this, many people feel the workouts on the Liteboxer feel like a video game, but they often use this comparison to compliment how the workout feels fun, light, and worthwhile. Most users mention instant gratification when they time their punches right with the machine and the light turns green. This provides a similar feeling to winning or losing levels in a video game. 

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What Does the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle Provide?

The Liteboxer fitness bundle offers a few different types of Liteboxer machines. The standard Liteboxer machine is a floor stand with a screen and punch board attached to a stand. Another version of this fitness equipment comes as wall mounts without the designated floor panel. Meaning the board you punch is mounted on the wall. One exciting thing about Liteboxer compared to its many competitors is that Liteboxer also offers a portable boxing machine. The small Liteboxer Go is an exercise tool that can get carried anywhere. Its neoprene wristbands have a punch sensor to record your activity. Like all Liteboxer equipment, the Liteboxer Go also has a Bluetooth connection to make it easy to play music. But unlike the rest of the Liteboxer equipment, Liteboxer Go offers a charging cable and chargeable case.

The standard Liteboxer machine is made of heavy metals that are surprisingly strong, which contributes to the 150-pound weight. The punching pads included in the bundle are just as good as boxing pads and come with gadgets that tutor and aid boxing skills. If you hate the gym but love fitness, having workout equipment in the privacy of your home can be a game changer for your workout habits. 

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Cool Features

All online apps and workout equipment have to come with cool features to stand out from the competition. Liteboxer has a Liteshield, which is the pad you punch, with six targets, its own force sensors, and over 200 combined LED lights. The stand also has a soft, springy uppercut bag beneath its Liteshield, which enhances workouts. The app has a wide variety of fitness training guides and different styles, which will be explored in more detail later. 

One fantastic thing the Liteboxer has that differentiates it from most competitors is its Virtual Reality (VR) version. Liteboxer sells a VR version that costs an additional $18.99 per month but has about 65 different VR workout options so that people can find something surprisingly similar to in-person workout experiences. This VR version will help you feel like you are in an actual boxing class rather than at home using your Liteboxer stand. All VR equipment requires handholds and goggles, but Liteboxer doesn't sell this. They only offer an app to use on VR, so you would be responsible for getting the proper VR equipment.


The setup for a fitness bundle might be complicated at first, but it should be easy to understand once you begin using it. Once you order your bundle, the company sends two large boxes for self-set up. As mentioned earlier, video tutorials and written instructions break down these steps. Once the actual equipment is built, it's time to use it. 

Before punching, users need to download the app and make an account. You should have a phone or tablet, speaker, and gloves if you want to get started immediately or at least try an exercise or two. Once you've got everything set up, you can do a free demo the app provides to get an idea of the hitting ranges. 

You can enjoy your exercise while listening to your favorite music through the machine's audio system. The machine will even time your punches to the music you play. Also, the water-resistant Bluetooth speakers can be used indoors and outdoors if you want to put your machine outside.  

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The actual experience of the Liteboxer fitness bundle really can make or break the worth of this purchase. The market for fitness machines is super competitive, so Liteboxer must provide a great experience to be a compelling piece of equipment and outshine its competition.

When you start using your Liteboxer fitness tool, you'll notice that the machine doesn't have a power button to turn it on. Instead, it turns on with contact and will turn off without contact, meaning if you want to wake it up, you've got to give it a whack. 

Immediately it should connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Still, many people have found that during their experience, the phone connects easily, but frequently, the connection breaks or freezes due to issues with the Liteboxer app. If your app freezes or crashes, you may even need to start your workout from the beginning again, which can be frustrating.

As you work out, you will typically follow the lights as they direct you to the proper target. You'll hit where the machine tells you to as you listen to what the instructor says, and many say the experience is similar to that of a video game, which is likely one of the reasons this company created a VR version of this equipment.

If you hit the spot early or late, you'll get a red circle that lights up, but good timing results in green lights. Seeing the green light provides instant dopamine and motivation to the person working out. Some have found that even though the lights are supposed to time themselves with the music, so you throw your punches on the beat, these lights can be off-beat, resulting in errors with timing: a minor user-experience issue, but one worth noting nonetheless. 

Style of Workout

Another important thing to consider before purchasing the Liteboxer fitness bundles is the style of workout this equipment offers compared to the type of workout you want. These workouts come in a few different styles, all found on their app. There are a few categories and sub-categories available to users of the app. You can choose trainer-led classes or "build + restore" classes. These workout choices branch out into even more options, like real-time guided workouts. These real-time workouts include an instructor that coaches you throughout your entire session. There are also guided sparring sessions, conditioning exercises, yoga, target area bodyweight sequences, and warm-ups.

Many of these programs won't exceed 20 minutes, and some programs are as short as one song. Most of the time, you're genuinely on your own to work out, which makes sense as this is a self-driven workout machine. However, some users were disappointed to see there wasn't more guidance. 

There are also a few quick play sessions and specifically labeled self-guided workouts. These workouts offer freestyle and punch track workouts, and these programs usually come with their own genre of music. These songs aren't available to the user ahead of the workout, and you cannot shuffle through or filter music for these workouts, which some users find constricting.

Freestyle workouts let you play your own music through any service you choose. You can select your music and punch the machine as much as you want, and the machine will still keep track of your punches and force for you. One user noted that this experience is not very different from working out with a traditional punching bag. Of course, a conventional punching bag doesn't keep track of your hits and strengths and doesn't offer all the other workout benefits this equipment does. One downside when comparing this workout style to working out with a traditional bag is that you can't work on hooks or kicks. You can't kick the metal machine from the side since there are no pads to hit. But many people using the Liteboxer fitness bundle do so for a solid workout, not necessarily because they want to perfect their boxing stances. 

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The main point of an expensive workout gadget like the Liteboxer is to offer benefits that you can't receive anywhere else. Its luxuriousness is obvious, especially when the equipment is as costly as Liteboxer's. 

Many people find benefits in using Liteboxer bundles, though, claiming it to be the ultimate weight loss fitness solution and advancement in fitness tech. This program is created to assist people in achieving their fitness goals, whether it be gaining muscle or melting off weight. The app has tons of boxing-style training video sessions while maintaining a real boxing feel. Liteshield provides a real sparring experience, as close as you can get to feeling like you are practicing with someone else.

The interactive light display is also a huge benefit as it immediately encourages the user to go for the green. Also, the app itself provides tons of practice sessions and punching tricks and even records your efforts so you can keep track of how your training is going.


There are undeniable cons when it comes to everything, including the innovative Liteboxer fitness bundle. This bundle is costly, so it's fair to have high expectations when purchasing such a luxurious workout tool. However, the app is said to have many issues, and the equipment itself gets some usability complaints. Some find that the app will malfunction and not play the next song, glitch, or crash altogether. The bright side of these cons is that because this is primarily a user-interface issue, the company can continually provide updates that will hopefully be able to fix these bugs across all existing Liteboxer tools.  

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If you're looking to buy a Liteboxer fitness bundle, there is a lot you need to think over before purchasing it. Not only should you be considering price, equipment, features, setup, user experience, and general pros and cons. You should consider your habits and the workout styles you will use them for. Do you like the boxing-specific workout styles this equipment offers? If you aren't super into boxing or using it to get a full body workout, this is probably not the right equipment for you and won't be worth the high cost.

Also, be aware of how often you want to use this machine. Many users have praised it because they use it every day. While you don't need to use this every day, you should use it multiple times a week to benefit from it and make the price worth it.

Another overlooked factor to consider is maintenance. Believe it or not, many people forget to clean their workout equipment and gear, which can lead to a build-up of germs from sweat and grime. To ensure your safety, you should regularly check that all the screws holding the Liteboxer machine together remain tightened. If you cannot perform these periodic checks, this machine might not be for you as it could cause damage to yourself or your home.

However, most have found this workout equipment to be useful and convenient. It provides many different workout services, monthly subscriptions with continuously updated videos and trainers, and video recording options so you can see your stats and watch your boxing style in full HD. The Liteboxer fitness bundle has certainly proven its worthiness against some of its competitors, but that doesn't make it a great fit for every person. Strength training at home isn't for everyone, but if you want to work up a sweat and build muscle, then using this to get a full body workout is well worth it.

If you have a home gym, adding something like the Liteboxer to your equipment could be a great idea. A new workout machine with plenty of options that encourages progress, proper form, and cardio is not commonly found. It's obvious the Liteboxer bundle is rare thanks to its features, so don't second guess yourself if you think it would be a good buy for you. If this equipment gets you excited to work out, you should go for it! 

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