8 Top Picks in Spandex Shorts for Women

woman wearing spandex shorts while doing yoga

Buying a great pair of spandex shorts is a daunting task for anyone. There is so much room for error because every brand is different and supports the body differently. Looking shapely while sweating it out during exercise routines means choosing wisely. Plus, they are an investment piece in your fitness wardrobe. Factors like inseam, waistbands, stretch, comfort, moisture-wicking, and overall fit should be on your list for spandex shorts purchases. Also, be willing to buy one size up depending on your choice, as body-hugging spandex shorts may pose fit challenges.

Making the Great Eight Spandex Shorts List

Cutting top 8 spandex shorts isn’t easy. Fit and function meet harmoniously when the shorts deliver what they promise. Let’s not forget that price sometimes plays a role in this all-important fitness gear choice. If you want more than one pair of spandex shorts to wear to the gym, it is vital to make sure they are in your price range. The best spandex shorts come in multiple color options, making buying several in that brand. Waistbands should fit accordingly and not fold over or lose elasticity. They should handle laundering well and maintain their shape over time. Expect a good “snapback” resiliency from high-quality spandex shorts.

A great spandex short should fit like a second skin. The lack of friction in this stretchy material adds mobility during your workout in all directions. Compression in the right proportions enhances athletic performance. The caveat is wearing too tight of shorts results in a very uncomfortable experience and potential for tears and rips in the garment; because exercise and random or high impact movement go hand in hand, size counts. If your short is ill-fitting, they may not survive those rigorous fitness routines. Nothing is worse than purchasing a short that fits horribly and rips on your very first wear. Who hasn’t been there before? Taking your now damaged fitness item back to the store turns into a futile process. You’re stuck with the disastrous consequences of lousy spandex shorts and money wasted.

Women’s eight best spandex shorts are top-rated and frequently purchased online and in retail stores. They are names that we know and trust. The materials selected will show up for you, again and again, designed for comfort, style, and durability. Instead of relegating yourself to wearing joggers to the gym, opt for these problem-solvers for the best shorts for comfort and quality.

Lululemon Align High-Rise Short 8"
Photo Source: shop.lululemon.com

Lululemon Align High-Rise Short 8″

All spandex shorts should be as perfect as the Lululemon Align high-rise short in an 8-inch length. Available in a wide range of sizes (0-20) and colors like Blue Nile and Pink Lychee, it is an excellent choice for a fashionable look. This spandex short has a buttery-soft material. Weightless Nulu fabric stretches with you like a second skin. Fabric content is 80% nylon and 20% elastane. This percentage offers great stretch content and freedom of movement. Added features include a hidden waistband pocket large enough for a debit card or car fob. This pair of spandex shorts are perfect for yoga or other low-impact exercise. Lululemon Align high-waisted biker shorts deserve a spot in any fitness enthusiast’s wardrobe. They are great basic spandex shorts. At $64 a pair, the price is for the luxury consumer who buys the best regardless of price point.

Athleta Elation Crossover Rib 7" Short
Photo Source: athleta.gap.com

Athleta Elation Crossover Rib 7″ Short

This super-soft short has comfort and versatility for days. The Athleta Elation Crossover Rib is your new go-to for yoga classes or studio. The bonus features of Elation Crossover Rib 7-inch spandex shorts are endless. Powervita fabric is a powerful and dynamic fabric. Moisture-wicking is an essential quality of any fitness short. They draw sweat away from the body. They are quick-drying, breathable, and have UFP 50+ protection. Athleta Elation spandex shorts are also compression shorts. Compression material is designed to assist the body in recovery after exercise. They support the body and hug your curves while providing style. This material is also breathable, allowing you to stay cool during most active regimens. These retail for $69.

Under Armour Heat Gear Armour Bike Shorts
Photo Source: underarmour.com

Under Armour Heat Gear Armour Bike Shorts

There aren’t many sports enthusiasts who don’t know the Under Armour brand. Heat Gear Armour bike shorts offer everything you’d want in spandex shorts at an excellent value. Heat Gear fabric is very lightweight. Shorts stretch four ways for comfort and range of motion. Prevent any odor during or after workouts with anti-odor technology that stops microbes from growing. Ergonomic flatlock seams reduce chafing. A modern and popular high-rise waistband adds style and function. The price of these spandex shorts is $35. They are available in eight fashion colors. These biker shorts are your new scenic ride partners.

Under Armour Heat Gear bike shorts act as a base layer for whatever you wear. Heat Gear material will keep you cool in hot climates (temperatures from 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees). They have innovative fabric technology that made the company’s founder famous. Wear the spandex shorts beneath a skirt for a fashion statement. The inseam is 8″ for perfect coverage. The composition of stretch is 87% polyester and 13% elastane.

Nike Pro Women's 3" Shorts
Photo Source: nike.com

Nike Pro Women’s 3″ Shorts

Nike Pro Women’s 3″ spandex shortshave an expansive size range (XXS-2XL). They come in nearly every rainbow color with 14 shades. A 3″ inseam may seem very short, but high-impact exercise or aerobic activity goes well with the length. They have Nike Dri-Fit moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your body comfortable and dry. A wide reinforced elastic waistband, covered in the iconic logo, helps stabilize your core. Nike Pro spandex shorts have a good stretch, at 78% -83% polyester/17%-22% spandex. Nike compression shorts offer everything a high-impact fitness fan needs in a performance short.

Environmentally Sustainable Focus

Nike is reducing its carbon footprint by reducing waste and recycling materials. Using 50% recyclable materials in the manufacturing of Pro Women’s 3″ inseam spandex shorts, plastics, and other trash are saved from our water and landfills. This purchase supports an ethical and sustainable narrative that pushes in the right direction for our environment.

Girlfriend Collective Black High-Rise Bike Short
Photo Source: girlfriend.com

Girlfriend Collective Black High-Rise Bike Short

Girlfriend Collective is a brand that you should get to know. Even if their legendary black high-rise bike shorts weren’t incredible, their sustainable and ethical approach to business is even better. But first, let’s discuss these fabulous shorts. They come from recycled water bottles. Girlfriend Collective shorts are suitable for any activity or lifestyle. The recycled material fabrication is 79% RPET (recyclable polyester) and 21% spandex. These workout shorts will become fast favorites as comfortable as your favorite pair of leggings and as close as a second skin. Imagine compression shorts that last and have a wide size range. Not to mention color option goals abound in essential and limited editions. The price point for these spandex yoga shorts is $48.

Doing Good for the Planet

Buying a pair of Girlfriend Collective black high-rise shorts is more than keeping your fashion game on target. The impact that this one pair of shorts had on the environment is surprising. Seventeen water bottles ended up in the fabric of the shorts and not inside a toxic landfill. Twelve pounds of CO2 did not get emitted into the air. The perfect pair of shorts could make a real difference in what ultimately happens to our planet.

Inclusive Sizing

Did you know that Girlfriend Collective high-rise shorts offer sizes that range from XXS to a size 6X? The need for inclusive sizing, especially in spandex shorts and fitness gear, is critical to providing options for all. Extended sizes don’t stop at a 2xl. Girlfriend Collective champions and represents the female form in all walks of life. These are the sizes and shapes that we come in. Everyone should be part of the inclusive sizing narrative and have choices in gear necessary to meet fitness goals comfortably. Size inclusivity from Girlfriend Collective makes the brand highly recommended for those requiring a more comprehensive range of sizing and fit options.

Sweaty Betty Power High-Waisted 9" Biker Shorts
Photo Source: sweatybetty.com

Sweaty Betty Power High-Waisted 9″ Biker Shorts

Sweaty Betty Power 9″ biker shorts are spandex shorts that bring performance and fashion together beautifully. Fall in love with this shaping cycling short. They are an all-in-one solution to every possible spandex fitness issue. Bike shorts that sculpt, keep moisture at bay, add breathable comfort, and look flattering are winners. Sweat doesn’t stand a chance with breathable fabric and wicking material. Ultimate in stretch and compression with 62% polyamide and 38% elastane blend. Another awesome thing about the Sweaty Betty short is the cool retro racing stripe down the legs. The style factor is as attractive as the toned and smooth look you’ll get by wearing these Sweaty Betty faves. Fashionable fitness gear is back with Power for yoga, hot yoga, or any exercise regimen.

Brooks Method 5" Short Tights
Photo Source: brooksrunning.com

Brooks Method 5″ Short Tights

If you’re looking for a great running short that is a multitasker, the Brooks Method 5″ is an excellent short tight option. Lightweight enough for warm-weather runs, these must-have athletic shorts are all about performance. Storage features such as two front pockets and a rear pocket make sure your phone or keys are within reach. Brooks Method short tights feature a modern silhouette with a higher waistband that elongates and adds sleek, clean lines. Moisture-wicking fabric handles sweating during your workout.

Outdoor Voices Flex Short 5"
Photo Source: outdoorvoices.com

Outdoor Voices Flex Short 5″

The Flex 5-inch inseam short by Outdoor Voices screams top performance and comfort. Sweat-wicking fabric is there to handle intense fitness activities with ease. Every detail, including a fabulous leopard print, will become your favorite part of leg day or a day of errands after hitting the gym. Style and fashion can coexist when buying a pair of OV Flex spandex shorts.

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