8 Best Long Sleeve Crop Tops

Sexy blond woman with a red crop top and leather pants

The crop top has developed into a major fashion staple. Nowadays, everyone wants to appear stylish and cool but doesn’t want to spend too much time doing it. It has become much easier for women to look chic within seconds now that crop tops are making a place in every woman’s wardrobe and heart. They’re ideal if you want to achieve a trendier and sexy look, whatever the weather is like. 

Adding a crop top to your wardrobe is an excellent idea, as having it in your closet can be erotic and flattering at the same time. You shouldn’t underestimate them. When you wear them correctly and pair them with the right accessories, they can be very effective. In contrast, they draw attention to the slimmest part of a woman’s body—the center of the rib cage. A crop top shows off the midriff and may also be called a “belly shirt” or a “cutoff shirt.”

What Is a Crop Top?

From the 1980s to the present, crop tops have come in and out of fashion and are a symbol of sexuality. In addition, crop tops are worn to draw attention to a midsection feature, such as a navel ring, toned abs, or a pregnant belly, also known as a “baby bump.”

The aerobic craze and the movie Flashdance made cutoff crop tops a popular fashion item during the 1980s. During this time, it was common for girls to cut off sections of workout wear, like sleeves, collars, and hems, to create a loose-fitting top that was often worn over a bodysuit or tank top. In addition, crop tops were usually paired with low-slung belts angled at the hip in the 1980s.

By the 1990s, mesh fabrics and oversized aerobics gear were no longer in fashion, and the crop top returned in the form of the bustier, which revealed the midriff and was typically worn underneath a blazer. In addition, the crop top evolved into a baby doll shirt in the 1990s, a cropped, tight-fitting shirt featuring a graphic logo. As a result, long-sleeved crop tops and even crop top turtlenecks, popularized by people like singer Shania Twain, gained attention for the first time. During the late 1990s, crop tops had become such a mainstream garment that many schools prohibited them in the dress code.

Four Amazing Ways to Style Your Crop Top

Crop tops are back in fashion – and that shouldn’t be a surprise. Style-conscious women have long loved this top because it’s cute, comfortable, cool, and well suited to summer days. Crop tops are always in fashion. Except for a brief moment in the late 2000s when most of the people grew tired of seeing celebrities wear crop tops with low-rise pants.

However, classic garments experience their low points from time to time, and the crop top is no exception. Back in the 1950s and ’60s, variations of the look were popular, and these tops have only become more versatile and wearable since then.

You can carry crop tops in many ways, and not all require you to show off your body or abs. Check out these outfits inspired by crop tops, plus a few styling tips to make this look work for your body type.

Slay It With a Simple Chic Look

Tops with cropped sleeves are ideal for casual outings and hangouts. But casual doesn’t have to be boring! Wearing a solid or a printed crop top with your favorite pair of bottoms is a surefire way to slay a relaxed-chic look. 

A crop top looks excellent paired with jeggings or joggers for a casual look. Wear sneakers to finish the outfit. For an edgy casual look, pair a crop top with heels and wayfarers when you’re out with your friends. You can then put your hair into a bun or a ponytail to complete the look.

You can style your crop top with a dungaree dress and sneakers for a cute and casual look. However, the accessories you wear can make or break your look. Make the outfit more eye-catching by accessorizing with a bracelet or a necklace. Trendy ear cuffs might be another option you want to consider.

Formal Could Be More Than Normal

The traditional formal wear looks often revolves around a boring shirt and trouser combo. So why not liven up boring formal wear with a little twist and make it more fun? You should definitely consider wearing crop tops as part of your formal wear! When you wear a crop top correctly, it can bring you into the spotlight.

A crop top will look gorgeous with a short formal skirt and a pair of ballerina flats. Then, you’re ready to slay in style with a watch and a necklace. By replacing the shirt with a crop top, you can refine your basic shirt and formal trouser attire. Combine it with a chic jacket and a pair of heels, and you’re good to go. You can also put on your crop top with a pair of pep pants and heels to make your outfit semi-formal. No matter how you wear your hair, you’ll surprise everyone!

A Classy Celeb Look

If crop tops can be worn at formal events, you can pull off a Classy-celeb-inspired style. Everyone has one role model they admire for some great style inspiration. So turn yourself into a style influencer by taking some of your favorite celebrity’s style edits.

Choose a print top and bottom combo that includes a black crop top. The outfit combinations are diverse, such as the jacket and jeggings combo, the coat and trousers combo, etc. Finally, all you need are heels to finish off your look.

Moreover, you’ll look classy and chic by pairing your favorite crop top with a midi skirt. Complete the look with a choker and sunglasses. Match a crop top with palazzo pants. Style your hair into a side bun and accessorize with some dainty jewelry. Don’t forget the sling bag to make it look complete.

The Workout Look

It’s a great idea to wear crop tops during workout sessions. It is impossible not to notice your favorite celebs wearing crop tops while working out. The crop top style is easy to match with a pair of joggers or sports shorts and offers a comfortable and stylish fit.

Combine a comfortable crop top with jeggings and sneakers for a sporty look. Wear a headband as well to look gym-ready. You can pair a crop top with printed jeggings and funky sneakers for a stylish look. Accessorize with sunglasses to get the complete celeb look. Additionally, you can create a bright look with a neon-colored crop top and shorts. Then, make it more contemporary by wearing sneakers.

Top-rated Long Sleeves Crop Top

A crop top has become one of the most popular choices in fashion. It is a mixture of cute and classy. Many trends come and go, but wearing crop tops to different events and occasions is a trend that never leaves. Whether it’s casual hangouts, parties, street style, airport look, gym look, or formal events, crop tops are one piece of clothing you can wear anywhere. Overall, crop tops can easily be described as the definition of chic fashion. Here are some of the best-rated crop tops with long sleeves.

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1. Vetior Women’s Deep v Neck Long Sleeve Unique Slim Fit Cross Wrap Shirts Crop Tops

With its stylish cross-front, the VETIOR Women’s Deep V Neck Long Sleeve crop tops showcase a woman’s sexy waistline and curves. Soft, light, and breathable fabric makes it lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable. In addition, it’s thin enough to wear through summer and layer over in winter.

Moreover, it is classy enough to wear for work and perfect for working out, casual wear, dancing, dating, shopping, and wedding occasions. Also, these crop tops are a great choice to match with denim jeans, shorts, and skirts in various colors. They are very easy to match! The product is made from high-quality material, and Vetior offers every customer a high-standard customer service as well as a worthwhile shopping experience.

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2. Bestisun Long Sleeve Crop Top Cropped Sweatshirt for Women With Thumb Hole

Rayon makes up 95% of the product, while Spandex makes up 5% of these Bestisun Long Sleeve Crop Top Cropped Sweatshirt for Women. There is a pull-on closure. Shirts with thumbholes help keep sleeves from shifting in the wind, keep hands warm in cold weather, and add coverage. The high-quality, comfortability, and affordability make this product the most preferred active wear for sports enthusiasts.

Bestisun Workout Shirts are stylish and comfortable, making them ideal for any sport or daily wear. Designed with fashion, function, and performance, they look good and perform well. You can wear stylish long-sleeved tops with cropped sleeves on the town, at the gym, or home. A high-waisted pair of pants is an excellent choice if you are hesitant to show your belly.

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3. SEASUM Women Workout Crop Top Seamless Shirt Athletic Long Sleeve Fitness Tight Tee

The Sesum Women Workout Crop Top has long sleeves, a bare midriff style, quick-drying, compression, and comfort. It has double stitching on the sleeve, neckline, and bottom hem, and ventilation long sleeves with a scooped neckline.

They are the perfect gift for any occasion, no matter the season. A simple match with skinny jeans or high-waisted denim shorts will give you a trendy look. This lightweight, stretchy, airy fabric is designed to quickly wick moisture away to help you stay cool and dry. In addition, these crop tops offer you the freedom to show off your muscles and wear a comfortable as well as aesthetic outfit to your gym or other activity.  

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4. SweatyRocks Women’s Casual Lace Up Long Sleeve Pullover Crop Top Sweatshirt 

SweatyRocks Women’s Casual Lace Up Long Sleeve Pullover Crop Top Sweatshirt is one of the most loved and demanded products on Amazon. The crop top is made up of 100% polyester. The top comes with a classic round neck, stylish eyelet lace-up long sleeve design, and is a solid color pullover. It is a cropped top that would be the best choice for casual wear, workout, traveling, office wear, and even for dates.

The material of this crop top is a fairly heavy, sturdy knit. The color is a perfect, solid pink color that is true to the picture. Lastly, satin ribbons for the sleeves give it an exotic look. 

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5. SINRGAN Women’s Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Bandage Cross Wrap Tie-up Crop Top

SINRGAN Women’s Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Bandage Cross Wrap Tie-up Crop Tops are amazing because they are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Additionally, they are lightweight and stretchy with a pleasant touch. The top comes with a long sleeve, deep v neck, adjustable tie, and criss-cross in front, suitable for all seasons. It is one of the top products by SINRGAN and is a must-have women’s top. The fabric is breathable, soft, and cozy, providing comfort against your skin and is easy to care for. Moreover, these tops are available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Regarding matching, the top looks great with denim jeans, shorts, and a skirt.  

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6. XXTAXN Women’s Sexy Bodycon Basic Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Slim Solid Color Crop Top

Wear it with a jacket in winter or pair it with a short in summer. The Women’s Sexy Bodycon Basic Scoop Neck crop top is suitable for all seasons, particularly, spring and autumn seasons. The crop top makes for a versatile addition to your wardrobe. 

Cocktails, night out, parties, clubs, travel, etc., are the best places to wear this. There is a fleece liner with this crop top, so you can actually wear this in the winter (Florida winter). Polyester and Spandex are the materials used to make these amazing crop tops. Nevertheless, the fabric used is extremely comfy and stretchy. In addition to comfort, the brand provides a sense of beauty. You can wear this crop top shirt under a cardigan or sweater for a fashionable layered look in the winter. It’s the ideal crop top to wear alone or layered. 

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7. Women’s Basic Round Neck Long Sleeve Crop Top

Women’s Basic Round Neck Long Sleeve Crop Top is affordable and easy to get. This crop top can be worn by women of all ages. High school students love it because it is a stylish and simple crop top. For a stylish layered look, you can wear it under a cardigan or sweater or wear it alone with a pair of high-waisted bottoms. While these basic crop tops are ideal for low-key outings and events, they can add a little extra to all your looks.

Your cropped style makes you look young, attractive, and energetic. A long-sleeved sweater keeps you warm and lets you layer. In addition to giving your body a more erotic shape, crop tops also make you appear more attractive and confident.

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8. Mizoci Women’s Sexy Ruched Tie up Crop Top Basic Long Sleeve Cut Out T-shirt

The Mizoci Ruched Tie Up Crop Top for Women features a deep v neck, a front ruching detail, tie-up detail, open stomach, and adjustable front scrunch detailing. A plunging neckline and ruching effect draw attention to the waist of this top, which is designed to showcase your body.

With ruched cutouts, this sexy crop top is fashionable, stretchy, solid in color, and soft to the touch. The crop top is stylish for a night out with some friends and looks great with denim jeans. It can be used for daily wear, cocktail wear, nightclubs, holidays, workouts, and vacations.

Final Thoughts

Some people might associate crop tops with warm weather. However, the good part is that wearing them in winter can be sexy and unexpected. The crop top can be worn with a pair of denim shorts or jeans for daily wear. You’ll be shocked to learn that crop tops can be worn in so many ways and styles for any occasion. You can wear them stylishly under a jacket and scarf. However, to slay with ease, you must choose the right ladies’ crop top based on your body type and comfort.

It must be confusing to know what to look for when buying a crop top. The article listed some of the ways you can style a crop top as well as the 8 best long sleeve crop tops that are ideal to wear on various occasions.

While shopping for a crop top, you should consider the fabric of the clothing. Making the wrong choice could lead to disappointment in the future. While searching for that one-of-a-kind crop top, the next thing to consider is the correct size and fit. The wrong kind of fit is too tight or too loose. So when purchasing a crop top, check the size chart and use the available guidelines to pick the right size. Crop tops are perfect for a trendy look. 

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